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Smile Brands, based in Irvine, Ca, is building a nationwide network of dental practices. The company had about 400 offices in 16 states in October 2019. They are growing through acquisition and adding new practices.

The principle equity investor in Smile Brands is a San Francisco concern called Gryphon Investors. Gryphon Brightalso owns Dessert Holdings.

I found the following brands mentioned on their site. I suspect the individual practices will eventually become rebranded.

Their web site navigation is awkward. The easiest way to find your local dentist is to go to the regional pages.

Corporate History

I drew the corporate history from the site's about us page and its press releases. The transaction that created the firm was funded by Gryphon. Ownership passed to Freeman Spigoli then back to Gryphon.

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  1. Gryphon - Gryphon acquires Smile Brands (Drawn 10/16/2019)
  2. Gryphon and Smile Acquire Gateway Dental (Drawn 10/16/2019)
  3. PE Hub - Smile Brands Buys P3 Dental (Drawn 10/16/2019)
  4. Gryphon - Smile Brands Partners with DecisionOne (Drawn 10/16/2019)
  5. Gryphon - Smile acquires Johnson Family Dental (Drawn 10/16/2019)
  6. Business Wire - Freeman acquires Bright (Drawn 10/16/2019)
  7. Freeman Spigoli - Welsh Carson to buy Majority Interest in Smile Brands (Drawn 10/16/2019)

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