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UnitedHealth Group

UnitedHealth Group is a multinational conglomerate in the health care sector offering a combination of insurance and health care services. Their headquarters are in Minnetonka, Minnesota. Wikipedia reports that the company has over 300,000 employees. Their site says they offer services in all 50 state along with a growing international segment.

Optum Care

Optum is a brand for the health technology products of UnitedHealth Group. The family of web sites under the brand include:

MedExpress ( is a rapidly expanding network of urgent care clinics that UHG acquired in 2015. (Learn More).

RallyHealth ( is app launched by UHG in 2015 to take control of your health with an awards/point system.

OptumBank was created in 2003 as Exante Bank. UHG began using the brand Optum for its its health care technologies in 2011.

Corporate History

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