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Walgreens is the world's largest drug store chain. The store began in 1901 with a single shop owned by Charles Rudolph Walgreen (1873 ??? 1939) in Chicago. The second store was opened in 1909 and the chain gradually grew throughout the greater Chicago area in the following decades.

Things really began to pop in 1922 with the introduction of the milkshake made possible by the introduction of the electric blender in the same year. The 100th store opened in 1926. According to Wikipedia and the company went public in 1927. Walgreens had expanded to 397 stores by 1930.

Charles R. Walgreen, jr took over the company in 1939 (1906 - 2007) and was president until his son Charles R. Walgreens, III took over the position in 1969.

Walgreens continued its gradual expansion. Walgreens exceeded one billion in sales in 1975 and opened its 1000 store in 1984. They doubled in size to 2000 stores by 1994 and to 5000 stores by 2005.

Charles Walgreen, III retired from the board of directors in 2010. There are currently over 8500 Walgreens Stores throughout the nation. >Corporate Headquarters are in Deerfiedl, Il. Walgreens trades on the New York Stock Exchange with the symbol WAG. The Yahoo Profile says the chain employs over 170,000 people.

Corporate History

This section provides a summary of the acquisition chain of Walgreens. The company has grown largely through internal growth (building its own stores). I do not include total store count.

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