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Boot Barn

Boot Barn is a retailer of boots and western apparel. The company was founded by Ken Meany in 1978 in Huntington Beach, California. The company expanded with the acquisition of Sheplers and RCC Westernwear.

The company currently trades on the NYSE with the symbol BOOT.

Corporate History

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  1. Amarillo News - Boot Barn buys Sheplers (Drawn 11/14/2017)
  2. Business Wire - Boot Barn IPO (Drawn 1/3/2019)
  3. Freeman Spogli - Boot Barn Acquires Lone Star (Drawn 1/4/2019)
  4. Freeman Spogli - Boot Barn acquires four store chain in Texas (Drawn 1/4/2019)
  5. Boot Barn Acquires GL Clothing (Drawn 10/16/2019)
  6. Boot Barn Acquires Two Store Boot Chain (Drawn 10/16/2019)

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