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Long John Silver's Restaurant

Long John Silver's is a chain of fast food restaurants serving seafood based in Lexington, Ky. The chain was named for a pirate character in Robert Louis Stevens work "Treasure Island" published in 1883.

The chain traces its history to 1969 when Jerrico Inc., which owned a restaurant chain called Jerry's Restaurant, opened a seafood restaurant in a building called "Cape Codder" in Lexington, Kentucky.

The Long John Silver's concept was a success and soon became more popular than the Jerry's Restaurant Brand.

In 1988, Jerrico Inc. created a chain of Italian restaurants with the brand Fazoli's.

In 1990, Jerrico sold Jerry's and Fazoli's to concentrate on Long John Silvers.

Jerrico Inc. declared bankruptcy in 1998. The brand moved through a series of acquisitions. It was owned briefly by Yum! Brands which developed several multi-brand restaurants which combine Long John Silver's and A&W.

In September 2011, Yum! sold Long John Silvers to a new investment firm called LJS Partners. (Source wikipedia pulled Dec 2011). The headquarters of LJS Partners is in Louisville, Ky.

History of Jerrico Foods and Long John Silvers

This section shows highlights of the history of Jerrico Foods. Jerrico developed numerous restaurant concepts. Long John Silver's was the most successful; so they spun off the other restaurants.

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