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Ares Capital Management

Ares Capital Managment is a private equity firm located on the Avenue of the Stars in Los Angele, Ca. The company's Wikipedia article lists four web sites: (which is a registered investment firm), (which shows details of investment activities), (which shows details of its real estate sector) and which invests public funds. The company trades on the NYSE with the symbol: ARES.

The company lists several thousand investments, which I do not have time to investigate. So, I will only list investments that I encounter in other research.

Perhaps the most interesting investment occurred in 2010 when Ares acquire the private equity firm Allied Capital. Allied was founded in 1958. Disputes among it second generation of investors led to the acquisition. This brings up the question: Will the private equity firms established in the 1980s and 1990s start consolidating?

Corporate Transactions

I will only list transactions that I encounter in other research. I am using nested lists and will hang the Allied investments prior to the merger on the Allied branch to help keep things straight

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