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A company called BioLife Plasma has a network of clinics that solicit "plasma donations." Technically, one is not paid for the donation. One is paid for the time need to make the donation. The payment comes on a prepaid visa and might be in the hundreds of dollars.

I contend that people need to research companies offering things like this.

I had a hard time finding out information about BioLife. BioLife was owned in the 1990s by a company called Baxter International. In 2015 Baxter spun off a business called Baxalta. This spin-off was acquired by pharmaceutical giant Shire in 2016.

Biolife is now essentially a subsidiary of a subsidiary. Shire depends on having a reliable stream of plasma for the drugs it sells; So, while I would be hesitant to make any long term plans around this firm, it might be a good place for short term commitments like plasma donations.

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