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CLS Limited is an international firm based in Melbourne. They engage in bioltherapeutics.

CLS Plasma operates a network of Plasmas donations centers across the United States. They are a division of CSL Behring.

The site says people can earn up to $400 donating plasma. Donations require several lengthy visits. You get your money on a prepaid visa. Now for the history of the company:

Commonwealth Serum Laboratories

CSL Limited was founded in 1916 as Commonwealth Serum Laboratories by the Australian Government. The company commenced operations near the Melbourne Hospital. The company developed vaccines and anti-venom (there are many venomous creatures in the outback).

The "Bundaberg tragedy" of 1928 involved mislabeled toxin-antitoxins for diphtheria that took the lives of twelve school children. The company responded by notable improvements to its processes.

The company began processing plasma in 1952. These processes improved the development of anti-venom serums.

In 1954 CSL officer Val Bazeley works with an American Researcher named Jonas Salk to develop, produce and distribute a vaccine for polio. Jonas Salk famously turned down opportunity to patent the vaccination.

CSL was privatized in 1994. Their headquarters are in Melbourne, Victoria Province. They trade on the Australian Exchange with the symbol: CSL.

In 2000 CSL acquired ZLB Blood Transfusion Service from the Swiss Red Cross and created a division called ZLB Plasma. ZLB (Zentrallaboratorium Blutspendedienst) was created in Germany in 1949 and merged with the Swiss Red Cross in 1951.

In 2001 CLS acquired 47 plasma collection centers and laboratory facilities operated by Nabi Plasma Collection Centers to create ZLB Plasma.

In 2004 CLS acquired a company called Aventis Behring which they combined with ZLB Plasma to create ZLB Behring.

In 2007 CLS rebranded ZLB Behring to CLS Behring and in 2009 ZLB Plasma changes its name to CLS Plasma and opens a processing laboratories in Knoxville, Tn.

In 2009, CLS attempts to acquired Talecris Biotherapeutics from Cerberus Capital Partners. This merger was challenged and blocked by the FTC. Cerberus then sells Talecris to their competitor Grifols.


This site, Community Color, focuses on how businesses interface with local communities. The plasma industry, from its inception, has been more focused on treatments that use plasma than about the collection of plasma.

CSL Plasma appears to have several hundred collection centers and lists about forty new sites on its coming soon page.

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