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Gryphon Investors

Gryphon Investors is a San Francisco based private equity firm. In October 2019, I copied their portfolio for the navigation bar to the right. I will lists transactions as I come across them below:

Corporate History

Please notice, Gryphon is building a network that sells desserts and one for dentists. This is very suspicious.

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  1. Just Food - Gryphon acquires Original Cakerie (Drawn 11/11/2019) 2458773
  2. Gryphon-Gryphon acquires Lawlers (Drawn 11/11/2019) 2458773
  3. PH Hub - Gryphon Acquires ACC (Drawn 10/16/2019)
  4. Gryphon - Smile acquires Johnson Family Dental (Drawn 10/16/2019)

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