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Sites starting with "C"

Web Site Listings

CA/Browser Forum [Category: SSL/TSL Certiciates]
CA/Browser Forum is a voluntary group of certificate authorities for SSL/TSL certificates.

CAMERA: [Category: Middle East]
The Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America reports on inaccuracies in middle east reporting.

CARE [Category: Relief Efforts]
CARE is an international organization fighting poverty and providing relief.

CARE Canada [Category: Relief Efforts]
A leading Canadian based aid and development organisation fighting global poverty

CARFAX [Category: Automotive]
Find out if that used car you are eying has been in an accident or required major repairs. CARFAX offers detailed vehicle history reports by car VIN number check. [Category: SSL/TSL Certiciates] is a community-driven Certificate Authority that issues certificates to the public at large for free.

CD Baby [Category: Musical Instruments]
CD Baby is an outlet for independent musicians. You will find a unique selection of today's musicians in a variety of genre.

CDC - Influenza [Category: Health]
CDC information about the 2009 swine flu outbreak.

CEL Financial [Category: Taxes]
Site offers tax preparation in Fillmore, Ca.

CK Scrapbook Conventions [Category: Scrapbook Events]
Creative Keepsakes hosts conventions around the nation. The 2011 schedule includes Tx, Fl, Az, Il, Mo, Wa.

CMU Mavericks [Category: Rocky Mountain]
The Colorado Mesa University Mavericks call Grand Junction home (events)

CSL Plasma [Category: Blood Donations]
Commonwealth Serum Laboratories is an Australian based concern which operates the CSL Plasma network within the US. In 12/17 the site said that people could make up to $400 donating plasma.

CSM Ore Diggers [Category: Rocky Mountain]
The CSM Ore Diggers are holed up in Golden, Colorado.

CSS Examples [Category: Cascading Style Sheets]
A simple Style Sheet tutorial.

CT River Candles [Category: Gifts]
CT River Candles was inspired by the beauty of the Connecticut River and a personal love of creating handmade products. Our hand poured soy candles are made with 100% natural soy wax and scented with the finest fragrance oils.

CU Buffs [Category: Pacific 12]
The Colorado University Buffaloes hail from Boulder (events).

CUCollaborate™ [Category: Finance]
CUCollaborate™ is a Washington, D.C.-based, independent, membership association for credit unions and their partners. CUCollaborate‚Äôs mission is to facilitate collaboration that helps credit unions accelerate their growth while reducing expenses and risk.

CUSIP Global Services [Category: Finance]
CUSIP created unique identifiers for securities.

Cabela's [Category: Outdoor Gear]
Cabela's is a leading outdoor catelogue with 35 showcase stores around the nation.

Cafe Hayek [Category: blogs - politics]
Blog with a Libertarian bent.

Cafe au Lait Java [Category: Programming]
FAQs, News, and Resources

CafePress [Category: Promotional]
Cafe Press lets you add images and sell products bearing your images. People use the service to create political statements on products, or to share personal sentiments.

CafePress [Category: T-Shirts]
Cafe Press lets you add images and sell products bearing your images. People use the service to create political statements on products, or to share personal sentiments.

California Golden Bears [Category: Pacific 12]
The Golden Bears hail from the University of California Berkeley.

Calvert School [Category: Homeschooling]
Calvert School offers a complete homeschooling curriculum.

CamStudio [Category: ScreenCasting]
CamStudio is an open source program for screen capturing.

Cameta In Focus [Category: blogs - merchant]
The Cameta Camera blog has posts on the latest camera technology.

Camofire [Category: Outdoor Gear]
Camofire offers one hot deal at a time on hunting gear or apparel.

Camp Bound [Category: Outdoor Gear]
Gear Up for Summer Camp at This link loads a free shipping offer.

Camp Saver [Category: Outdoor Gear]
Established 2003, Camp Savers is an internet store dedicated to bringing the public quality, affordable camping, climbing and outdoor gear. (Link loads a coupon for free shipping on orders over $50)

Campaign For Liberty [Category: Business]
A site by Ron Paul encourages greater freedoms.

Camping World [Category: RV Camping]
Camping World is the internet's RV super store.

Campsite Photos [Category: RV Camping]
Site offers pictures of campgrounds across the country.

Campus Book Rentals [Category: Textbooks]
Rent your textbooks online and save! This store lets you rent books for a fixed period of time. The rental price includes shipping from and back to the store.

Campus Watch [Category: Education Policy]
Campus Watch reviews and critiques Middle East studies. The project addresses five problems: analytical failures, mixing of politics with scholarship, intolerance of alternative views, apologetics, and the abuse of power over students.

Camtasia [Category: ScreenCasting]
Camtasia is screen capturing software by TechSmith.

Can I Give My Dog? [Category: Dogs]
This question and answer site has articles on caring for canines.

Can I use... [Category: HTML 5]
Site reports on which versions of popular browsers started supporting features of HTML5 and CSS.

Can Stock Photo [Category: Microstock]
Can Stock Photo offers professional royalty free stock photography at prices you can afford. The site has over 800k images from 6500 photographers.

Cancer Schmancer [Category: Health]
Cancer Schmancer seeks to educate people on detecting cancer when it is most curable.

Canine Companions for Independence [Category: Dogs]
CCI is a support organization for service dogs.

The Canny Link Internet Guide [Category: Directories]
Canny Link is a hand edited pay for inclusion directory. The price was $19.95 at the time I added this link.

Canon Global [Category: Cameras]
Canon is a developer of cameras and imaging technologies.

Capitalism, by Robert Hessen: [Category: Economics]
Talks about the history of capitalism.

Car Rental in Australia [Category: Rent a Car]
Car Rental in Australia. We sincerely guarantee to beat any genuine car rental price.

Car Toys [Category: Automotive]
Car Toys is a leading independent dealer of after market electronics for cars. They offer sound and video systems along with dashboard cams and GPS.

Car and Truck Remotes [Category: Automotive]
This site sells new and used keyless remote fobs and computerized ignition keys for major lines of cars and trucks. The site includes videos showing how to program the units. In many cases, you can program the fob from your car.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning [Category: Carbon Monoxide]
Carbon Monoxide Kills carries true stories of people who've experienced carbon monoxide poisoning.

Carbonite [Category: Backup]
Carbonite Online Backup offers online backups.

Cardio Working [Category: Health Careers]
Cardio Working lists Cardiology jobs around the nation.

Cardiology Working [Category: Health Careers]
Site specializes in jobs in the Cardiovascular segment of the health care market.

Care Package Project [Category: Veterans]
The Care Package Project sends care packages to marines serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Career Fairs [Category: Job Fairs]
A traveling career fair.

CareerBuilder [Category: Jobs]
CareerBuilder is a leading job search engine that works with newspapers to create job listings. [Category: Jobs]
Job Search and Career Information for Executives, Professionals and Managers from the Wall Street Journal.

CareerMD [Category: Job Fairs]
Career MD lists job fairs in the medical profession.

The Caretaker Gazette [Category: Apartments]
THE CARETAKER GAZETTE is a unique newsletter containing property caretaking and house sitting jobs, advice, and information for property caretakers, housesitters, and landowners.

Carousel Expo [Category: Job Fairs]
Site lists job fairs across the United States.

Carrot Ink [Category: Printing]
Carrot Ink offers premium ink cartridges and toner for all major brands of printers. This link brings you to the current free shipping offer.

Cartographica [Category: Maps]
Cartographica is designed for people who need to work with geospatial data to create maps, analyze data, convert between formats,

Cast Iron Collector [Category: Kitchen]
Site provides information for people who like to cook using vintage cast iron.

Catalogue For Philanthropy [Category: Info]
Site includes reports on philanothropy in the United States, including a state by state generosity index.

Catherines [Category: Women s Apparel]
Madison Avenue clothes are designed for a distorted creature called a super model. Catherines designs clothes for human shaped women including plus petite, and extended plus.

Catholic Match [Category: Spiritual Match]
Catholic Match is a dating site for members of the Roman Catholic Church.

Catholic Mingle [Category: Spiritual Match]
Mingle with other Catholic Singles.

Catholic Relief Services [Category: Relief Efforts]
Provides humanitarian aid and disaster relief services.

Catholic Relief Services Blog [Category: Blogs]
Site follows the activities of Catholic Relief Services.

Cato Daily Podcast Archive [Category: Podcasts]
Listen to Podcasts from the Cato Institute.

The Cato Institute [Category: Thought]
The Cato Institute is a think tank dedicated to the study of free markets, banking and fiscal policies.

Cato Store [Category: Bookstores]
The Cato Store offers books and related items with a Libertarian slant.

Cato's Center for Trade Policy Studies [Category: Economics]
A site advocated free trade.

Cato-at-liberty [Category: blogs - politics]
A blog from the Cato Institute follows news from a libertarian perspective.

The Cats Indoors! Campaign [Category: Cats]
The American Bird Conservancy wishes to educate the public on the damage to birds caused by the domestic cats. The organization asks people to keep their cats indoors.

Cats Play [Category: Cats]
Cats Play offers cat furniture, houses, carrying cases, pet tents, scratching posts and jewelry for our beloved furry frineds.

Celebrate Express [Category: Party Supplies]
Celebrate Express carries supplies for themed parties.

Cell Phones for Soldiers! [Category: Military]
Prepaid calling helps soldiers keep in touch with their loved ones at home. [Category: Phone Cards]
Prepaid phone cards to and from anywhere in the world. We specialize in low rates to India and the Philippines. We only carry the best names in the business At%T, MCI and Qwest to name a few.

Census Bureau - POPClocks [Category: Info]
Yikes, there's a boat load of people wandering around this planet. The US Census bureau publishes population clocks for the US and the world.

CentOS Project [Category: Operating Systems]
CentOS is a community based fork of Linux.

Center for Economic and Policy Analysis [Category: Economics]
CEPR offers research related to economics.

The Center for Lost Pets [Category: Animals]
The Center for Lost Pets, made possible by the Humane Society, offers resources for reuniting lost pets with their lost humans.

Center for Space Research [Category: Cool Sites]
The Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) at the University of Texas Austin has interesting maps showing the slight differences in gravity on the earth.

Center for a Just Society [Category: Politics]
Our mission is to advance and defend Judeo-Christian principles of human dignity and social justice in law, policy and the public square.

Cents of Style [Category: Women s Apparel]
Cents of Styles offers a small selection of deep discounts on womens fashions for the bargain shopper. (Try Coupon STYLE101 for additional discounts).

Century Hearing Aids [Category: Medical Products]
Century Hearing Aids is the online source for affordable hearing aids. The selection includes in the ear, open fit and behind the ear designs.

Certification in Transcription [Category: Certification]
Transcription Certification Institute offers you the chance to become a certified transcriptionist for a very low fee, starting with online course, quizzes, test etc.

Chadron Eagles [Category: Rocky Mountain]
The Chadron Eagles represent Chadron State College in Nebraska.

Channel Craft [Category: Toys]
Channel Craft is a toy manufacturer in Pa. They make retro toys from the glory days of American Toy manufacturing.

Chapter 19--Bancroft's History of Utah 1540-1886 [Category: Army to Utah]
An excellent and well researched work on the Utah War of 1857-58.

Charity Editions [Category: Posters]
This site from Melbourne, Australia makes a donation to Australian based charities with each purchase of a limited edition art print. They ship internationally.

Cheap RV [Category: Travelers]
Bob Wells talks about RV travel on an extremely tight budget.

Checks Unlimited [Category: Finance]
Order checks online with

Checks Unlimited [Category: Personalized]
Checks Unlimited allows people to order customized checks online. You have a wide selection of styles. The company works with your bank to assure security.

Chefs Collaborative [Category: Food]
Chefs Collaborative is a leading network of chefs and members of the food community that fosters a sustainable food supply through advocacy, education and collaboration.

Chem-Dry Carpet and N-Hance Wood Cleaning [Category: Cleaning]
Harris Research, Inc (HRI) is a Logan based firm offering the Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning and N-Hance wood cleaning franchises.

Chess House [Category: Toys]
Chess House is an online merchant dedicated to the game of chess. You will find everything from hand held electronic chess games to giant piece chess games. The store also carries books and resources to help you develop your chess playing skills.

Child Bible Story Online [Category: Kids]
Offer easy Christian bible lesson for kids and coloring.

Children's Craft [Category: Toys]
Baker Ross is a London company with 1000's of superb craft ideas for children, plus numerous toys, games and party products.

Children's Healthcare Is a Legal Duty [Category: Child Safety]
Children's Healthcare Is a Legal Duty is a non-profit national membership organization established in 1983 to protect children from abusive religious and cultural practices, especially religion-based medical neglect.

Chocolate : The Psychoactive Food [Category: Chocolate]
A brief history of the effects of chocolate.

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