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S & W Premium Beans [Category: Food]
S & W Premium Beans offers a recipe collection of healthy bean recipes such as black bean soup, chicken chili, bean dip. Learn about bean health benefits, why beans make the ???superfood??? list, bean nutrition information and more.

S Walter Packaging Company [Category: Office]
S Walter Packaging Company is a site from Philadelphia carrying a large selection of custom packaging materials including boxes, bags, bows, curling ribbon, gift wrap, ribbons and labels.

S&S Worldwide [Category: Crafts]
Great Savings on craft supplies, scrapbooking supplies and party decorations.

SANS Institute [Category: Internet]
SANS provides information security training.

SJSU Spartans [Category: Mountain West Conference]
The San Jose State Spartans hail from central California.

SKECHERS [Category: Shoe Stores]
SKECKERS offers a unique line of sneakers, sandals and casual shoes including the new Shape-Ups. The Shape-Ups are designed to help tone muscles while you walk.

SLR stabilizer [Category: Photo Tips]
This video shows how to make an SLR stabalizer for a dime in supplies.

SOS Online Backup [Category: Backup]
SOS Online Backup is an encrypted back up service by Infrascale of Los Angeles. [Category: Astronomy]
has reports on space, space exploration, astronomy and what you will see in the night skies. It is a well designed site, but uses popups.

SQL Server [Category: Databases]
Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) makes SQLServer for enterprise and cloud computing and the Access Database for personal computers.

SQLite [Category: Databases]
SQLite is an embedded open source, public domain database.

SSL Labs [Category: SSL/TSL Certiciates]
This site will run tests on your SSL certificate to see if it is up to snuff.

STEEM Block Explorer [Category: SteemIt]
Site lets users explore the STEEM blockchain.

STEM Geeks [Category: Tribes]
This is an interface for the HIVE blockchain for people interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. They offer the STEM token which triggers on #stem, #science, #technology, #engineering, #math, and #stemgeeks

STEPABLES.COM [Category: Garden]
Stepables promotes durable plants that can withstand foot traffic as an alternative to grass.

SUU Thunderbirds [Category: Big Sky Conference]
The Southern Utah Thunderbirds hail from Cedar City.

SVG Tutorial - Jenkov [Category: SVG]
Jenkov has a useful tutorial with descriptions of each of the tags in SVG.

SVG Wow! [Category: SVG]
Site demonstrates advanced features of SVG.

SVG-Whiz! [Category: SVG]
Site includes some samples and discussions about SVG. Swap Token [Category: Blurt]
This site operates a swap program that includes BLURT, HIVE, STEEM and other tokens.

Sacajawea Project [Category: Lewis & Clark]
The Sacajawea Center in Salmon, Idaho.

Sacramento Hornet [Category: Big Sky Conference]
The Sacramento Hornets nest in the capital city of the Golden State.

Sacramento Portrait Photographer [Category: Photographers]
Family, children, and business portrait photographer serving the Sacramento metropolitan area. Famous for capturing smiles in family portraits, senior portraits, children pictures, baby pictures.

Safe Kids Worldwide [Category: Child Safety]
Safe Kids Worldwide is a global organization dedicated to preventing injuries in children, the number one killer of kids in the United States.

SafeAuto Insurance [Category: Insurance]
Find cheap care insurance online at SafeAuto.

Safer CBD [Category: Shopping]
Safer CBD is a site from Denver offering a line of CBD tinctures and related products.

Safer [Category: Automotive]
This site by the U.S. Department of Transportation/ National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has info on having a safer car and being a safer driver.

Salt Lake Community College [Category: Scenic West Athletic Conference]
The Salt Lake Bruins hail from Salt Lake Community College (events).

Salt Lake Sites [Category: Community]
Salt Lake Sites is the largest open directory and community calendar for Salt Lake City and surrounding commmunities.

The Salvation Army National Headquarters [Category: Relief Efforts]
The Salvation Army has a network of local and national programs that help get supplies to people in need.

Samaritan's Purse [Category: Christmas]
Samaritan's Purse is Bill Graham charity that puts together Christmas gift boxes for children in need or effected by disaster (such as the Haitian earthquake). The site lets you build a gift box online.

San Antonio apartment [Category: Apartments]
San Antonio Apartments Now is a full service free apartment locating and relocation company.

San Diego State University [Category: Mountain West Conference]
The San Diego State Aztecs hail from Southern California.

San Marcos Coffee [Category: Coffee and Tea]
San Marco Coffee features fresh roasted coffee beans and tea. [Category: Cool Sites]
This site has several programs for demonstrating opitical illusions, moire patterns and other nifty doodads.

Sandos Hotels and Resorts [Category: Lodging]
Sandos Hotels and Resort offers resort lodging in Mexico, the Canary Islands and Spain. The resorts pride themselves on eco-friendly sustainable living.

Santa's Secret Village (sm) [Category: Christmas]
The North Pole is cold during the winter. This site lets you visit the north pole online.

Save Taxes By Moving [Category: Tax Reform]
Site suggests people move to save on state taxes.

Say Anything Blog [Category: blogs - politics]
North Dakota's Most Popular Political Blog

Sbarro [Category: Pizza Chains]
Sbarro is a mall based pizza chain. It went bankrupt but came back.

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) 1.1 (Second Edition) [Category: SVG]
This is official W3C manual for SVG. This w3 manual breaks the W3 tradition and is somewhat readable. [Category: Women s Apparel] offers a fun selection of the fashionable scarves and accessories.

Scavenger Hunt [Category: Easter]
Create an Easter Scavenger Hunt at Riddle Me. The lets you quickly design a children's party game that they won't forget.

Scenic West Athletic Conference [Category: Scenic West Athletic Conference]
Official site for the Scenic West Athletic Conference.

Schmidt Construction [Category: Construction]
Building Colorado's Communities Since 1931

School of Rock [Category: Music]
School of Rock offers an after school program at 3280 28th Street. Students learn to be part of a band.

Schoolhouse Expo [Category: Homeschooling]
Schoolhouse Expo is an online exposition of homeschooling resources that takes place in May.

Science Photo [Category: Microstock]
Science Photo offers stock photos and illustrations related to science.

Scorum [Category: Tribes]
Scorum is a graphene-based blockchain forum focusing on sports that uses a token-bridge to trade on Hive-Engine.

Scotweb Kilt Store [Category: Costumes]
Scotweb - the world's largest kilt store. Traditional & modern kilts, luxury & budget kilts. All locally made in Scotland for customers across the world. We also have the world's largest selection of tartans.

Scout Stuff [Category: Scouts]
The Official BSA store carries uniforms and insignia for the Boy Scouts of America.

Scouting [Category: Scouts]
Learn about the world of scouting. [Category: Scouts]
Scouting Magazine reports on the activities of the boy scouts.

Scrapbook Steals [Category: Steals]
Scrapbook Steals has prices 40% to 80% off scrapbooking items. [Category: Scrapbooking] (from Mesa, Az) is a leading source for scrapbook supplies and ideas. - blogs [Category: blogs - merchant] offers a networked group of blogs about the fine art of scrapbooking. [Category: Scrapbooking]
ScrapbookPal is an online source for scrapbooking and creative products and supplies. [Category: Scrapbooking]
Find daily steals on premium scrapbook supplies.

Screen Cast Profits Camtasia Video Marketing [Category: ScreenCasting]
This site offers a tutorial to create screen cast programs.

Screencast-O-Matic [Category: ScreenCasting]
Screencast-O-Matic offers an online (java) tool for recording screencasts.

Scrub Club [Category: Kids]
The Scrub Club is a fun site about fighting bacteria and staying healthy.

Scuba Diving Malaysia [Category: Travel]
PADI IDC Malaysia, Instructor Development and scuba diving in amazing Malaysia

Sea Eagle [Category: Boating]
Sea Eagle manufactures quality rubber rafts. The selection includes durable inflatable kayaks, inflatable canoes and rubber rafts.

Seafood Watch [Category: Food]
Many fish are becoming depleted. This program by the Monterey Bay Aquarium has information on sustainable seafood.

Search Engine Dictionary: [Category: Internet]
Has the vocabulary used in search engine optimization.

Search Engine Honesty [Category: Internet]
This site is an editorial about Internet bias.

Sears Home Center [Category: Home & Garden]
Long before there was an internet, Sears Home Center perfected the process of ordering furniture and home goods through catalogs. The Internet simply sreamlines a process that already works.

Sears Home Services [Category: Alternative Energy]
Install new energy efficient windows or make home improvements with Sears Home Services. Site has information on receiving tax credits.

Seattle Redhawks [Category: Western Athletic Conference]
The Seattle Redhawks roost in Washington State.

Seaviewer Cameras [Category: Cameras]
Seaviewer Cameras makes underwater video equipment with long cables to help you see what is below the boat. They are good for fishing, photography and underwater exploration.

Secret Restaurant Recipes [Category: Recipes]
This site offers an eBook featuring reverse engineered "secret recipes" from well known resaurants.

Securities and Exchange Commission [Category: Fraud]
The The United States Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) is a goverment agency charged with over seeing the markets.

Sedatabase [Category: Hive Developer]
This is an open source programming community associated with LeoFinance that uses the SDB token.

See's Candy Shops [Category: Treats]
Established in 1921, See's Candides delights the world with quality chocolates and candies.

See's Candy Shops [Category: Chocolate]
Established in 1921, See's Candides delights the world with quality chocolates and candies.

Seed Matters [Category: Garden]
Site follows the seed industry and promotes seed sharing.

Seed Savers Exchange [Category: Garden]
Seed Saver Exchange allows gardeners to exchange seeds of their heirloom gardens.

Select Blinds [Category: Home & Garden]
Select Blinds is an online sources for window shades and blinds by SelectShops of Mesa, Az.

Self Reliance Expo [Category: Food Storage]
A traveling exposition featuring sustainable products and services for those seekin self-reliance.

Self-Publishing Review [Category: Self Publishing]
Site has information on self publishing along with reviews of self-published books.

Senior Lifestyle Corporation [Category: REITs]
This is an private REIT that owns about 175 senior housing developments.

Senior Women's Basketball [Category: Sports]
NSWBA promotes women's basketball for life fitness.

Sentinel Capital Partners [Category: Private Equity Firms]
Sentinel is a New York based private equity firm.

Sephra [Category: Chocolate]
Sephra is a maker of chocolate fountain equipment. You will also find a selection of fine chocolates. Use Coupon Code SEPHRACF for 10% Off on any 4lb box of Chocolate.

ServerPoint [Category: Web Hosting]
ServerPoint is a Las Vegas based organization offering web hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated servers including server clusters for high performance sites.

Servicemembers Civil Relief Act Centralized Verification Service [Category: Foreclosures]
Eviction and foreclosures may not be taken against people on active military duty. Our service verifies whether a person is or is not on active military duty.

Servicemembers Military Affidavits [Category: Military]
Provides military affidavits to creditors, landlords, and litigants pursuant to the federal Servicemembers Civil Relief Act.

Sesame Workshop [Category: Kids]
You can find hours of fun stuff at the Sesame Street work shop. They have cool educational games, and more.

Set America Free [Category: Alternative Energy]
THE SET AMERICA FREE COALITION brings together prominent individuals and non-profit organizations concerned about the national security and economic implications of America's growing dependence on foreign oil.

Setrak Setrakian [Category: Music]
Composer and Pianist, former Director of Ganatchian music college Beirut / Lebanon

Seventh Day Adventist Reform Movement [Category: Adventism]
This site has information about the Seventh Day Adventist Reform Movement General Conference and links to resources.

Seventh-day Adventist Church Official Web Site [Category: Adventism]
This is the official web site for the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

Sewing Machine Repair [Category: Crafts]
This site sells an ebook/class on repairing sewing machines. You can save money repairing your machine or make a mini-business out of repairing sewing machines.

Sexy Halloween Costumes [Category: Costumes]
Halloween costumes and uniforms for men, women and couples who dare to bare. Year round sales of some of the sexiest Halloween costumes available at great prices.

Sexy Lingerie Shop [Category: Underwear]
Sexy Lingerie Shop carries a fun a flirty selection of lingerie and club wear.

Shakey's Pizza [Category: Pizza Chains]
Shakey's Pizza was a chain that became huge when it was owned by the overly ambitious Hunt family of Texas ... before they got in trouble with the IRS. Shakey's is now owned by a food distribution company called Jacmar ... which was one of its largest franchise holders.

Share A Sale [Category: Affiliate Marketing]
Share a Sale is the leader in fighting parasiteware. They have an excellent selection of smaller merchant site. HINT, in using the product, you need to use the Compare Merchant feature to view a merchant's EPC.

Share A Sale Blog [Category: blogs - merchant]
The Share-A-Sale Blog includes posts on affiliate marketing and the online sales.

SharedBook [Category: Self Publishing]
Shared Book will print a book from your blog.

She Steals [Category: Steals]
She Steals has steals on boutique items for women.

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