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DAZZO BLOG [Category: Photographers]
d+p photo offers pictures of actors, architecture, travel, runway shows and other subjects of interest.

DBlog [Category: SteemIt]
DBlog is an interface using the DBLOG token. Many of the posts are in Korean.

DDate [Category: SteemIt]
DDate is a decentralized dating app that uses the DATE token.

DIRECTV [Category: Television]
DIRECTV broadcasts satellite television.

DLIKE [Category: SteemIt]
DLIKE offers a STEEM based dapp that uses the DLIKE token.

DLUX [Category: Hive]
DLUX is a group that produces dAPPs.

DMA Choice [Category: Marketing]
This site by the Direct Marketing Association lets you choose what email and direct mail you receive. You can use the program to opt out of direct mailings and catalogs.

DNS Propagation Checker - [Category: Domains]
ViewDNS has tools to check how well a DNS change propagated across servers. (I found this tool while researching a failed DNS transfer and use it to follow all DNS transfers.)

DNS Stuff [Category: Internet]
Site lets you do DNS lookups, trace routes and a few other cool things.

DOD Lodging [Category: Lodging]
Site has information on lodging and getaways for veterans and military members.

DSwap [Category: Hive]
Dswap is a platform offering swaps and market making services on HIVE and STEEM Engines.

DTube [Category: Hive]
DTube is a video sharing platform which supplements posts with the DTC token. [Category: Math]
Dad's Worksheets offers a selection of printable math worksheets.

Daily French Pod [Category: French]
Improve your French by listening to the Daily French Podcasts featuring Louis from Paris.

Daily Writing Tips [Category: Writing]
This blog has posts on grammar and writing.

Dances of Universal Peace [Category: Community]
The International Network for the Dances of Universal Peace is a non-profit organization offering simple circle dances that use sacred phrases, music, and movements from the many traditions of the earth.

Daniel Jonah Goldhagen [Category: International]
Daniel Jonah Goldhagen reports that there's been a frightening rise in antisemitism of late.

Danskin [Category: Active Wear]
Danskin provides Women's Dancewear and clothes for yoga. Enjoy free shipping with a purchase of $75 or more. [Category: Hive]
Site has information about decentralized applications.

DappReview [Category: Hive]
Site offers reviews of decentralized applications.

Dark Moon Rising [Category: Speculative Fiction]
An online magazine with articles, reviews and a good collection of Speculative Fiction and Fantasy tales.

Dave's ESL Cafe [Category: English - ESL]
This is a meeting place for ESL teachers and students. IT includes resources for people seeking ESL jobs and ESL teachers.

Davidian dot Org [Category: Adventism]
Site has information about the Davidian Movement and the Mt Carmel Center.

Davinci Virtual [Category: Business]
Davinci Virtual offers virtual office solutions. The solutions includes office and meeting space at over 800 locations in the US along with answering, mail and internet services.

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions [Category: Extended Stay]
If you need an office while on the road, Davinci Virtual provides shared office space at premium locations across the country.

Day Runner [Category: Office]
Day Runner offers a wide selection of stylish personal organizers and refills for organizers.

Day-Timer [Category: Office]
Day Timer is an affordable line of personal planners. The site includes planners, accessories and refills.

DaySpring [Category: Greeting Cards]
DaySpring offers Christian greeting cards and inspirational gifts.

Days Inn [Category: Lodging]
Days Inn seeks to provide the best lodging value under the sun with more than 1900 hotels in North America and abroad.

Dayton Model United Nations Conference [Category: Model U.N.]
The Dayton Model United Nations Conference (DAYMUNC) is the only American collegiate conference sponsored by a community college. It is open to delegations from all colleges and universities.

DeFi For You [Category: Hive]
This UK site says that it provides crypto loans against NFTs, crypto assets and hard goods.

Deal Database [Category: Bargains]
Everyone is looking for a bargain; So, I've assembled a collection of coupons and sales from many of the nation's leading ecommerce sites.

Dean Sauskojus [Category: Photography]
Elegant landscapes of the Northwest and prints of the world's most loved flowers

Debian [Category: Operating Systems]
Debian is a free Linux based operating system popular on personal and network computers.

Decade Awards [Category: Awards]
Decades Awards provides personalized awards and trophies with designs for a variety of sports.

Deckers Outdoor Products [Category: Shoe Stores]
Deckers Outdoor Product is passionate about functional shoes. The company is home of UGG Australia, Teva, Sanuk, Hoka One, Ahnu and Tsubo brands.

Decktagon [Category: RV Camping]
Decktagon, a Salt Lake firm, created a system of light weight interlocking blocks that can be used to make a deck. Decktagon is ideal for RV camping.

Decorative Ceiling Tiles [Category: Home & Garden]
Decorative Ceiling Tiles is the source for ceiling tiles and wall panels. They carry tin, faux-tin and foam tiles in a variety of colors, patterns and textures. Site include numerous installation videos.

Deep Capture Blog [Category: Stock Market Reform]
The Deep Capture Blog by Patrick Byrne includes the Mitchell Report, Anti-Social-Media and other resources concerning the problems with failures to deliver.

DeepMeta [Category: Microstock]
DeepMeta is a program to help photographers manage their iStockPhoto portfolio. [Category: Political Parties]
The site for the national Democratic Party. [Category: Insurance]
Research dental plans and qualified dentists inyour area.

Denver Bankruptcy Attorney [Category: Loans / Mortgage]
Colorado Bankruptcy Guide is a personal bankruptcy law firm in Denver.

Denver Cabinet Express [Category: Furniture]
Denver Cabinet Express offers custom built cabinets which you can design and order online. The site includes helpful information and videos about installing built in cabinets.

Denver Color [Category: Open Directory]
An open directory for the Denver Metro area.

Denver Duck Drop [Category: Events]
Site follows rubber duck races across the country.

Denver Pioneers [Category: Western Athletic Conference]
The Denver Pioneers represent the University of Denver (events).

Department of Numbers [Category: Economics]
This site offers insight into reported economic data.

Department of State - Careers [Category: Jobs]
This jobs page has State Department Jobs including Foreing Service, Civil Service and links to related job services.

Deposit Photos, Inc. [Category: Microstock]
Deposit offers stock photography and vector images. Try coupon DS739620 for a 10% discount on your subsription order. and DC396292 for 10% off credit orders.

Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation [Category: Stock Market Reform]
The DTCC is the organization that is supposed to be clearing stock transactions (although the Failure to Delivers has skyroketed.)

Depth of Field Master [Category: Photo Tips]
Site includes a handy online Hyperfocal Distance and Depth of Field Calculator - DOFMaster

Derivative Dribble [Category: Stock Market Reform]
Blog with posts on the derivatives.

Descriptive Mathematics [Category: Thought]
Exploring the role of mathematics in communications

Descriptive Mathematics [Category: Math]
A site conerned with the liberal arts aspects of mathematics. It contains a discussion of rich theory, calculus and other topics.

Design Pickle [Category: Marketing]
Design Pickle gives access to an entire graphic design team at a low monthly subscription rate.

Desolation Canyon [Category: River Trips]
A trip through Desolation Canyon on the Green.

Destination XL [Category: Men s Clothing]
DXL specializes in clothing for large and tall men. The store carries hard to find sizes along with accessories for living XL.

The Detectometer [Category: Speculative Fiction]
A detective munches on doughnuts and other snacks as he waits patiently for his trusty computer to solve the crime, a story by Kevin Delaney.

Develop Youth Speed [Category: Sports]
Sport X Training offers ebooks and online training to help youth improve their speed and agility.

Devereux [Category: Men s Clothing]
Devereux is a site from Phoenix that creates clothing for golfers and a active life style. The collection includes tops, shorts, hats, bags and swim trunks.

Diabetic Recipes [Category: Recipes]
Site provides recipes for for diabetics.

Diagonal Method on Finite Sets [Category: articles]
Applying the diagonal method on finite sets makes it clear that the method simply proves that 2^n > n for n > 1.

Diamond Rio [Category: Music]
A Country Western Band. [Category: Jobs]
Trust your career to a toss of the dice. is a job search tool for IT professionals.

Diecast Model Wholesale [Category: Collectibles]
This store carries diecast models of contemporary and classic vehicles. The selection is large enough and discounts are deep enough that you can afford to build a whole diecst history of the cars in your life.

Diecast Model Wholesale [Category: Automotive]
This store carries diecast models of contemporary and classic vehicles. The selection is large enough and discounts are deep enough that you can afford to build a whole diecst history of the cars in your life.

Dig Deep [Category: Water Filters]
Dig Deep is an effort to help improve clean water access around the globe. The program has a compelling program called The 4 Liter Challenge which challenges you to live a day (or several days) on just four liters of water.

Digicert [Category: SSL/TSL Certiciates]
DigiCert, of Lehi, Utah offers SSL certicates and related services.

Digital Photography Resources [Category: Photography]
Store and online resources for digital photography.

Digital Photography Reviews [Category: Photo Tips]
Site includes active forums and reviews of digital cameras.

Digital Photography Secrets [Category: Photo Tips]
Learn professional digital photography secrets from David Peterson.

Digital Photography Success [Category: Photography]
Discover digital photography success through a collection of ebooks on taking professional quality photos.

Dinosaur National Monument (National Park Service) [Category: Dinosaurs]
Dinosaur National Monument near Vernal, Utah

Dinosaur Ridge [Category: Dinosaurs]
Dinosaur Ridge is just west of Denver, Colorado--near Morrison, Colorado.

DirMania [Category: Directories]
DirMania is a pay for inclusion ($10) directory.

Disabled American Veterans [Category: Veterans]
DAV is a nonprofit organization dedicated to building a better life for Disabled American Veterans.

Disc Golf Association [Category: Disc Golf]
DGA - The Founding Company of Disc Golf!

Disc Golf Course Review [Category: Disc Golf]
Site has reviews of disc golf courses.

Disc-It Grill [Category: Cooking Outdoors]
A Disc-It Grill is a wok like cooking device ideal for cooking outdoors.

Discord Servers [Category: Hive]
This is a list of discord servers that interface with HIVE.

Discount Tire [Category: Auto Parts]
Discount Tire carries tires and custom wheels with over 875 locations in 28 states.

Discover the Forest [Category: Kids]
This site invites children to discover the forest and find "where the Other You Lives"

Discrete Clothing [Category: Active Wear]
Discrete Clothing offers a selection of beanies, neckbuffs and caps inspired by the Wasatch.

Dispose My Meds [Category: Health]
It's time to clean out the medical closet. Dispose My Meds has information on proper disposal of old medicines. [Category: Operating Systems]
DistroWatch follows the development and distribution of Linux operating systems.

Dive Into HTML5 [Category: HTML 5]
Dive Into HTML 5 offers well written tutorials on programming with HTML5 by Mark Pilgrim.

Dive Into JavaScript [Category: Programming]
Site has tutorials on using javascript.

Diversity Job Fairs [Category: Job Fairs]
Diversity Job Fairs is a traveling job fair with events throughout the US. [Category: Baby]
This site holds that people who work with infants (including moms and family members) should get immunized for whooping cough ... | Pertussis .

DockDogs Inc. [Category: Dogs]
Dock Dogs hosts a traveling event of aquatic dogs.

Doctors Without Borders [Category: Relief Efforts]
Doctors Without Borders is an international effort that provides services in disaster zones, war zones and refuge areas.

Dog Bark Park Inn [Category: Lodging]
A dog friendly hotel in Cottonwood, Idaho.

Dog Tipper [Category: Dogs]
Dog Tipper has tips for dog lovers.

Dollar Maxi Pad Club [Category: Health and Beauty]
Dollar Maxi Pad Club is a subscription services with discounted subscriptions for feminine hygiene products.

Dollar Rent-A-Car, Inc. [Category: Rent a Car]
Dollar Rent-A-Car is a leading car rental agency. You can rent online and pick up at locations throughout the country.

Domain Message Authentication Reporting & Conformance [Category: email]
DMARC and SPF and tools developed by paypal and gmail to report on spoofed domains.

Domain Name Journal [Category: Domains]
An online news journal about the domain industry.

Domain Tools - Community Color [Category: Internet]
I spend a great deal of time on DomainTools researching domains. This links shows the profile page for this site. [Category: Domains]
Site offers a domain appraisal service and has articles on domaining.

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