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Web Site Listings

FAA - Flight Delay Information [Category: Airlines]
Find the status of delays at US Airports from the FAA.

FFIEC Home Page [Category: Banks]
The Council is a formal interagency body empowered to prescribe uniform principles, standards, and report forms for the federal examination of financial institutions by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (FRB),

FIRE - Foundation for Individual Rights in Education [Category: Education Policy]
FIRE reports on abuses of individual rights in our nation's universities.

FOX Store [Category: Television] offers products related to your favorite Fox TV shows including Glee, The Following, Sleepy Hollow, MasterChef, American Idol and more.

FRAPS [Category: ScreenCasting]
FRAPS targets the gaming community with a suite that offers video screen capturing and benchmarking.

Facebook Community Color [Category: Blogs]
Started 2014, this is the official Facebook Page for the Community Color directories.

Facts Are Stubborn Things Blog [Category: blogs - politics]
A conservative blog from a working mom in Nebraska.

Fails to Deliver Charts [Category: Stock Market Reform]
Fails to Deliver has a program that lets you look up failures to deliver on different stocks.

Fair Tax Goofy [Category: Tax Reform]
A site by a critic who read the fine print behind the fair tax.

Fair [Category: Tax Reform] supports replacing income tax with a 23% national sales tax on new goods and services.

Family Tree Magazine [Category: Genealogy]
A magazine dedicated to the research of family history.

Family tree template [Category: Genealogy]
Create a family tree without a family tree template. At you can easily create and print your family tree.

Famous Footwear [Category: Shoe Stores]
Famous Footwear began as a discount shoe store in 1960. It was purchased by Brown Shoe Company in 1980 and continues to be a place to find the top brand shoes at a discounted price.

Fandango [Category: Cool Sites]
Fandango lists movies showing at local theatres. For many theatres, you can purchase your ticket online and bypass the long lines.

Fandango [Category: MOBI]
Skip the box office line! Research movies, local movie theaters and buy tickets with your smartphone.

Fanzz [Category: Sports Collectibles]
Fanzz is a leading source of fan apparel and sports memorabilia for teams in the NBA, NFL, MLB, NCAA and more.

Farmageddon Movie [Category: Food]
A trailer for a movie about the plight of America's small farms.

Fast Casual [Category: Food]
Fast Casual is a blog about the growing fast casual sector of the restaurant industry. (These are restaurants offering higher quality food in a fast serve setting).

Father's Day [Category: Seasonal]
Fathers get a day too. This site list stores with gifts for dad.

Fathers Day Celebration Worldwide [Category: Father s Day]
This site has information about father's day celebrated around the world. [Category: Twitter]
Fauxlowers calculttes statistics on a twitter account's followers. This page shows my profile.

Feature Pics [Category: Microstock]
FeaturePics is a site for buying and selling Stock Photos, and giving recognition to the excellent group of FeaturePics Photographers. Search for stock photos and images, check stock photo collections, join our FeaturePics photography community.

The Fed [Category: Banks]
The Federal Reserve controls the money supply and regulates the banking industry.

FedEx Office [Category: Printing]
FedEx Office (formerly FedEx Kinkos) offers printing and shipping solutions. They have full service print shops and drop off locations throughout the world. Use coupon CJN015 for 15% your online print order.

Federal Consumer Information Service [Category: Info]
Receive free publications by the US Government.

Federal Courts [Category: Legal]
Site has information on the system of US Federal Courts.

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation [Category: Banks]
Established in the 1933 Banking Act, the FDIC is a federal agency that insures commercial banks.

Federal Emergency Management Agency [Category: Relief Efforts]
FEMA is tasked with disaster mitigation, preparedness, response & recovery planning. FEMA helps organize the state and federal disaster relief efforts.

Federal Judicial Center [Category: Legal]
The Federal Judicial Center is the education and research agency for the Federal Court system.

Federal Voting Assistance Program [Category: Politics]
The Federal Voting Assistance program helps uniform service members, their families and others living abroad cast absentee ballots.

Feeding America [Category: Food]
Site has information on food banks in the United States.

Ferret Supplies [Category: Pet Stores] is a shop with products for our fun furry ferret friends including special feeders, clothes, food and clean up supplies.

Fido Finder [Category: Dogs]
Where Lost Dogs Are Found

Fieldtex Products, Inc. [Category: Medical Products]
A site from Rochester offers first aid supplies and full first aid kits.

Figaro's Pizza [Category: Pizza Chains]
Figaro's is an Oregon chain that tried to grow through acquisition. They acquired Pizza Schmizza and Nick-N-Willys. The company is smaller than when the mergers started. Schmizza is an independent chain again.

Fight Human Trafficking [Category: International]
Site reports on the effort to stop human trafficking, abuse and modern day slavery.

Financial Accounting Standards Board [Category: Accounting]
FASB is a not-for-profit organization that sets Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.

Find a Spring [Category: Nature]
Site lists fresh water springs around the world. The site lets users submit information about their own favorite springs.

The Fire Critic [Category: Wildfires]
The Fire Critic provides "An Unadulterated View of the Fire Service"

Fire Restrictions [Category: Wildfires]
Site offers a map of current fire restrictions in the United States.

Fish and Wildlife Service [Category: Recreation]
The Fish and Wildlife service provides information on wildlife including a wealth of information on hunting and fishing.

Fishwest Online Fly Shop [Category: Fishing]
Your source for all things fly fishing! We carry Sage, Simms, Waterworks Lamson, Fishpond and so much more... Fly Fishing Supplies and Fly Tying Equipment

FitBit [Category: Sporting Goods]
FitBit offers pedometers and health monitors will a fun social media component.

Fitness Singles [Category: Interest Dating]
A dating web site for people who enjoy given activities.

Fitness clothing [Category: Active Wear]
GH Sports is a unique business specializing in clothing and accessories for all sports in all types of weather conditions.

Flagline [Category: Shopping]
Flagline of Colorado Springs carries everything related to the flag. The selection includes US Flags, State Flags and International Flag. They also carry stickers, decals, banners, pennants, mugs, patches, lapel pins, maps and more.

Flippa [Category: Domains]
Flippa is a platform for buying and selling web sites.

Flora of North America [Category: Wildflowers]
Site has a book about plants of North America.

Flower Power - Photo Gallery [Category: Flowers]
I have a large gallery with several thousand pictures of garden and wildflowers.

FlowerWower [Category: Flowers]
Guide to giving and growing flowers.Flower information guide.Information about flowers, state flowers, giving flowers, growing flowers, and flower meanings.Pictures, information, and fun facts about flowers.

Flowers, Rieger & Associates [Category: Accounting]
Flowers, Rieger and Associates is a Tax Preparation & Accounting firm serving Tucson. [Category: Health]
A site by the department of health and human services about the flu.

Flyers Rights [Category: Airlines]
Flyer's Rights is an advocacy group for air travelers. The site lets you read and upload flyer's horror stories and provides an annual report on airline safety

Focused Technology [Category: Skins and Accessories]
Provider of display solutions for home, business, and educational purposes. Top Brands for Projectors, Projector Screens, and Accessories. [Category: Military], by iArchive, lets you access a massive database of historical miltary records from Revolutionary War onwards. In addition, you can create an online memorial for military members of special importance to you. [Category: Genealogy] by iArchive lets you access military records online and build an online memorials.

Food Business Review [Category: Food]
Site provides news about the food business.

The Food Detectives Fight BAC! [Category: Kids]
The Food Detectives educational game seek to keep bacteria from food and save the world from food poisoning.

Food You [Category: Food]
Web site features food and recipes of different countries and cultures. Post food and share with others.

FoodFit [Category: Recipes]
FoodFit provides Healthy Low Fat Recipes, Diet Plans and nutrition information. [Category: Food Storage] is a site from American Fork offering food storage products. They have an active forum and articles on using food storage products. This coupon link should give free shipping on orders over $199.

FoodiesUnite [Category: Tribes]
FoodiesUnite is a community interested in food. The foodies feast on the FOODIE token with the tribal tags: #foodie, #food, and #recipes .

Footwear News [Category: Shoe Stores]
This online magazine has stories about the shoe industry.

For You They Signed [Category: History]
Site presents a book designed for students by Marilyn Boyer about the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

Former Adventist Fellowship [Category: Adventism]
This is a fellowship created by former members of the movement.

Formula Zone [Category: Dieting]
Lose 10 or more pounds in a month, and Feel Great while you lose the weight. Unlike other diets, you actually FEEL good while you follow The Zone!

Fort Lewis Firehawks [Category: Rocky Mountain]
The Fort Lewis Firehawks roost in Durango (events)

Fossil [Category: Apparel]
Fossil includes a stylish collections of watches, sunglasses and clothing.

Foto Search Stock Photography [Category: Microstock]
Foto Search Stock Photography allows users to search from more than 2 million images from 140 quality stock photography publishers at one site. They can also find royalty-free clipart pictures, illustrations, stock video clips, maps, and more.

Fotor [Category: AI Images]
Fotor, by Chengdu Hengtu Technology Co. , offers a photo editor, ai photo generator and stock photography.

Foundation for Teaching Economics [Category: Economics]
Committed to Excellence in Economic Education, this site offers videos on economics.

Frank Bee Costume Center [Category: Costumes]
Established 1957 in the Bronx, Frank Bee Costumes has grown to one of the world's largest costume shops with a fun selection of costumes and masks for all occasions.

Fraud-Net.Com [Category: Fraud]
Orginated by the Florida Bankers Association, Fraud-Net is a resource for banking security professionals and the law enforcement community to track and prevent fraud.

Frederick's of Hollywood [Category: Underwear]
Frederick's of Hollywood carries lingerie.

Free Feng Shui Tips [Category: Home & Garden]
Information site related to all things Feng Shui and Interior Design. Walk through a room by room analysis of what is expected from each room of your household.

Free Images [Category: Microstock]
Site offers a selection of free images including SVG, EPS, CDR & more!

Free SEO Directory [Category: Directories]
The only Free Directory who also links to its Twitter accounts. Free reciprocal links.

Free SEO Friendly Directory [Category: Directories]
A free directory geared toward search engine optimization (SEO).

Free SVG [Category: Microstock]
Site has a library of SVG images.

Free Shipping Deals [Category: Bargains]
The hardest part of online shipping is calculating in the shipping costs. So, I love free and fixed rate shipping sales and made a page just with free shipping offers. NOTE: any sales made from this page support this site.

Free State Project [Category: Politics]
The Free State Project encourages liberty loving people to move to New Hampshire with the hope of creating one state that supports Constitutional liberties.

Free web directory [Category: Directories]
Free web directory for listing quality websites.

FreeBSD [Category: Operating Systems]
Free BSD is an operating system based on the Berkeley Software Distribution of UNIX. [Category: Hive]
FreeBeings is interested in blockchain development for creative artists. [Category: Microstock] is the largest collection of free photographs on the Internet (link back and attribution required).

FreeRice [Category: International]
Free Rice is a fun game. For each vocabulary word you get right, the company donates grains of rice to relieve world poverty.

The Freecycle Network [Category: Recycling]
The Free Cycle Network is an online forum that lets people gift stuff they don't need and request stuff that they do need with the hope of reducing the over all amount of stuff sent to the landfill.

Freedom Calls Foundation [Category: Info]
This organization helps families connect with family members doing service in Iraq.

Freedom Youth Project [Category: Child Safety]
The Freedom Youth Project is in the trenches battling child sex traffic.

Freekibble [Category: Animals]
Freekibble claims to donate kibbles to animal shelters when people click on their site and answer a trivia question.

Freeman Spogli [Category: Private Equity Firms]
Freeman Spogli is a Los Angeles based private equity firm. The company was founded as Riordan, Freeman & Spogli in 1983

Freight Rail Works [Category: Info]
Site encourages freight rail as a environmentally sound alternative to road transit.

French Fairy Tales [Category: French]
Learn (or teach) French with a selection of French Fairy Tales, Fables, Songs and Myths.

The Fresh Loaf [Category: Food]
The Fresh Loaf is a site about baking, artisan bakeries by bread enthusiasts.

FreshPlaza [Category: Food]
An international site with news on fresh produce and bananas.

Fresno State Bulldogs [Category: Mountain West Conference]
The Fresno State Bulldogs are slated to join the MWC in 2013.

The Fret Wire [Category: Musical Instruments]
The Fret Wire has kits for creating your own guitar. The kits give you greater ability to customize your instrument and knowledge of how guitars work.

Friendly Aquaponics, Inc. [Category: Aquaponics]
Site advocates backyard aquaponic gardens.

From You Flowers [Category: Flowers]
Save 10% on From You Flowers. Site offers same flower delivery from florists across America.

Front Range Anglers [Category: Fishing]
Front Range Anglers offers fly fishing gear, apparel and equipment. Great prices -- free shipping! Online information center and fly tying resource. Best guide service on the Front Range!

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