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Web Site Listings

LDS Mingle [Category: Spiritual Match]
LDS Mingle, a member of, is a place for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to mingle.

LDS Singles [Category: Spiritual Match]
A member of Spark family of sites, LDS Singles is a place for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints to meet. [Category: Toys]
Lego offers a wide selection of imaginative construction toys built around the Lego building block.

LERNBlogs [Category: Tribes]
LERNblogs is a tribe that supplements posts with the LERN. Tribal tags include lern and herstory.

LMAC Gallery [Category: Hive]
LMAC is a curated online gallery featuring the best images from HIVE.

LOLZ Token [Category: Hive]
The LOLZ token rewards humorous content.

La Quinta [Category: Lodging]
La Quinta includes a selection of moderately priced, comfortable inns and suites across the US. The site includes an interactive map to find and book hotels. Booking directly through their site saves booking fees.

Label Your Stuff [Category: Shopping]
Label Your Stuff offers personalized labels that you can place on your clothes, shoes and other stuff.

Labor Finders [Category: Employment Agencies]
Labor Finders is a staffing firm that can find labor for industrial, construction and commercial positions.

Lacoste [Category: T-Shirts]
Lacoste is renown for its signature alligator polo shirt. The company has expanded to a full brand of upper tier casual clothing.

Lakeshore Learning [Category: Discovery]
Established as a toy shop in 1954, Lakeshore Learning has developed a fun selection of education toys and learning resources.

Landscapes by Varina Patel [Category: Photo Tips]
Varina Patel is an award winning landscape photographer who has been taking numerous vacations to Southern Utah of late.

Lane Bryant [Category: Women s Apparel]
Lane Bryant is a leader in plus size fashions including the new Cacique line of intimate apparel.

LasseCash [Category: Tribes]
LasseCash is a HIVE based community with categories titled Truthbombs, Antiiluninati, flatearth, anarchocapitalism, cryptocurrency and life. The community uses the LASSECASH token with the tribal keyword #lassecash.

Last Minute Gifts [Category: Gifts]
Need a gift at the last minute? This is a list of stores offering gifts that you can buy online and deliver through the Internet.

Lat Long [Category: GeoDomains]
This site has geo coordinates for thousands of places.

Latex Mattress Factory [Category: Furniture]
Latex Mattress Factory offers a line of all natural latex mattresses, toppers and related products.

League of American Bicyclists [Category: Cycling]
The League of American Bicyclists is a DC based national organization seeking to make America bike friendly.

Leanin' Tree [Category: Greeting Cards]
Established in 1949, Leanin' Tree is a fun site from Colorado offering humorous and Western themed greeting cards for all occasions.

Learn CSS Layout [Category: Cascading Style Sheets]
Site has a simple tutorial on CSS Layouts.

Learn French by Podcast [Category: French]
This series produces podcasts for beginning, intermediate and advanced French.

Learn How To Speak Spanish [Category: Spanish]
Learn How to Speak Spanish in a 31 Day Course.

Learn Spanish [Category: Spanish]
Site offers a selection of online spanish lessons and sells a CD.

Learn Spanish Like Crazy [Category: Spanish]
Learn Spanish Like Crazy teaches Latin American Spanish.

Learn Spanish guide [Category: Spanish]
This site provides a guide to resources for learning spanish.

Learn and Master - Photography [Category: Photo Tips]
Get a free photography lesson in the Learn and Master system of online learning.

Learn and Master Painting [Category: Art]
A DVD Course by Legacy Learning Systems on mastering the art of painting.

Learn to Knit [Category: Crafts]
A great site where you can learn to knit and enjoy this great, relaxing and creative craft. It's the new meditation.

The Learning Parent [Category: Homeschooling]
A site with homeschooling resources.

Learning Resources [Category: Discovery]
Learning Resources is a leading global manufacturer of innovative, hands-on educational products trusted by teachers and parents and loved by children

Leatherman [Category: Hardware]
Leatherman creates innovative, pocket sized multitools.

Legacy Food Storage [Category: Food Storage]
Buy Emergency Foods carries survival kits with freeze-dried food, water bottles and other niceties. The site includes portable solar power kits.

Legacy Learning Systems [Category: Music Lessons]
Legacy Learning Systems publishes the comprehensive Learn and Master series for playing the guitar, piano, drums and ballroom dancing

Legal Resources [Category: Info]
Legal resources including forms, contracts and articles

LegalFish [Category: Legal]
A free online legal matching service that helps people find the lawyer that's right for them. Users can submit their request for legal services and have lawyers reply.

Legends [Category: Hive Games]
This appears to be an online card based game that uses the CONTROLUS token.

Lems Shoes [Category: Shoe Stores]
Lems of Boulder designs minimalist shoes based on zero drop technology. [Category: Eyewear]
Find the lowest prices on replacement contact lenses at

LensCrafters [Category: Eyewear]
LensCrafters is a leading source for prescription eyewear. You can schedule an eye appointment or order replacement contact lenses online. [Category: Hive NFTs] is a NFT showroom for photographs, music and related media.

Leo DEX [Category: Hive]
This is a site for trading LEO tokens.

LeoFi [Category: Hive]
LeoFi leasing is a decentralized leasing marketplace where you can lease out your LEO POWER to other users and earn passive APY.

LeoPedia [Category: Hive]
LeoPedia is a guide to crypto by the makers of and

Leonard Green, LP [Category: Private Equity Firms]
Leonard Green was a pioneer in the art of leveraged buyouts.

Let's Bring Em Home! [Category: Military]
This charity provides resources bring low ranking service men home for the holidays.

Let's Create Expo [Category: Scrapbook Events]
This is a traveling arts exposition.

Let's Homeschool High School [Category: Homeschooling]
Site offers resources for parents homeschooling children at the high school level.

Lets Go Banners [Category: Posters]
We offer hundreds of products ranging from vinyl banners and posters to web design and eco-friendly prints.

Lewis and Clark Adventures [Category: Lewis & Clark]
Located in Idaho, on the Salmon River. Come on an adventure to see the trail as the Corps saw it where they met the impassable Salmon River, and travled over Lost Trail Pass.

Lewis and Clark Trail [Category: Lewis & Clark]
The 'Corps of Discovery' departed from Camp Dubois on May 14,1804. In 28 months, they covered 8000 miles, developed friendships with the Native Americans and learned how to survive in some of America's most beautiful and treacherous territories. [Category: Lewis & Clark]
The centerpiece of Discovering Lewis and Clark is a 19-part synopsis of the expedition by Harry Fritz, illustrated with selections from the journals of the expedition, photographs, maps, animated graphics, moving pictures, and sound files

Lexica [Category: AI Images]
Site offers a library of AI generated content.

Lexington Law Firm [Category: Credit Cards]
Lexington Law Firm can help you remove incorrect or misleading information from your credit report.

Liberating Education [Category: Education Policy]
Liberating Education, by Marsha Enright, is an effort that explores the use of the liberating philosophy of the Montessori method can be used in higher education.

Libertarian Party [Category: Political Parties]
The Libertarian Party seeks limited government.

Liberty Fund, Inc. [Category: Thought]
The Liberty Fund is a non-profit organization that republishes great works on liberty. The site includes an extensive online library of important works.

Liberty Tax Service [Category: Taxes]
Liberty Tax Service offers tax preparation online of through its network of local franchises.

Life Line Screening [Category: Medical Products]
Life Line Screen offers health screening services throughout the United States.

Lifeway Christian Resources [Category: Christian Stores]
Lifeway Christian Resources, by the Southern Baptist Convention, offers books, ministry materials and related products.

Lift America Coalition [Category: Tax Reform]
Lift America Coalition seeks a hybrid tax system to improve America's competitiveness abroad.

Light Stalking [Category: Photo Tips]
A photography blog and newsletter.

Lightning Labels [Category: Printing]
Lightning Labels creates custom labels ideal for labeling products. They have labels for a variety of vessels such as wine bottles, lotion bottles, etc. The company also creates stickers.

Liketu [Category: Hive]
Liketu is a visual interface to HIVE.

Linden Capital Partners [Category: Private Equity Firms]
Linden Capital Partners is a private equity firm based in Chicago that concentrates on the health care sector.

Lindstroms On The Road [Category: Travelers]
The Lindstrom Family simplified their life and is now exploring.

Lingo [Category: Telephony]
Lingo offers digital home phone with 20+ calling features and a variety of U.S. and international long distance plans to suit your needs.

Link Connector [Category: Affiliate Marketing]
LinkConnector is an expanding affiliate network from Cary, NC.

Linking and Crawling Issues [Category: Internet]
This web site by Ivan Hoffman includes several pages on the legal issues plaguing the Internet.

Linkpendium [Category: Genealogy]
A directory of genealogical resources.

Linkshare [Category: Affiliate Marketing]
Linkshare is a large affiliate network that includes many top internet sites including: Macys, Overstock, Walmart, LaQuinta, Hickory Farms, Mrs. Fields, etc..

Linktree [Category: Directories]
LinkTree allows users to build a link list. This is my linktree page which links to my social media accounts. [Category: Operating Systems]
Linux is a popular UNIX like operating system popular on personal computers and servers.

Lionel Store [Category: Toys]
The Lionel Store is the online home of Lionel Trains with great trains, track sections and accessories to fill out your model train collection.

Liotes [Category: Hive Games]
Liotes is a multi-player game in which people settle and develop a planet called Liotes. They interact with a currency called LEN.

List Of US National Parks [Category: National Parks]
Site has data and photos of America's National Parks.

Listings US [Category: Directories]
Site offers a directory broken down by state.

Little Adventures [Category: Costumes]
Little Adventures has products for princess play time. The selection includes tiaras, cloaks, dresses and more. The site also includes capes, masks and clothes for adults and boys.

Little Caesars [Category: Pizza Chains]
Little Caesar's is a pizza chain noted for its "hot and ready" pizza.

Little Giant Ladder System [Category: Hardware]
The Little Giant Ladder Systems is a tough, durable multifaceted ladder with 33 ladder configurations.

Live Superfoods [Category: Nutrition]
Live Superfoods is a site from Bend, Oregon offering probiotics, nutrient dense fruits and greens.

LiveFire Labs - Hands-on Technical e-Learning [Category: Programming]
LiveFire Labs proudly offers online training on advanced computer topics, such as UNIX and Linux, with hands-on lab exercises on real servers. Courses developed by experienced technology professionals. View our sample online course.

Living Social. [Category: Local Deals]
Living Social has deals on restaurants, events, products and activities.

Local Wine Events [Category: Events]
Site lists wine tasting events.

Lockon Aviation Photography [Category: Airlines]
Lockon Aviation Photography shows images of aircraft.

Locum Tenen Jobs [Category: Health Careers]
Hundreds of locums jobs nationwide. Use for your next physician job.

Locum tenens staffing company [Category: Health Careers]
Locum Tenens USA is a company that provides doctor and physican staffing, recruitment, and jobs. Be placed as a physician or find a doctor using Locum Tenens USA staffing, recruitment, and jobs services.

Logo Yes [Category: Logo]
Site offers an online tool for designing logos. [Category: Logo]
With this program, you give information about the logo you desire and name a prize ($250 minimum). Designers around the world then submit a logo design. It is an easy way to get a large number of quality logo designs in a short order.

Lonely Planet [Category: Travel]
Lonely Planet creates guidebooks and phrasebooks for travelers around this lonely planet.

Lonex [Category: Web Hosting]
Lonex is a UK based company. They currently offer 15MB web hosting from their London data center for $4.95.

The Long War Journal [Category: blogs - politics]
Bill Roggio is a blogger visiting Iraq.

Longwater Opportunities [Category: Private Equity Firms]
Longwater Opportunities is a private equity firm based in Dallas, Tx.

Lopers [Category: Rocky Mountain]
The 'lopers hail from the University of Nebraska at Kearney.

LorainsTouch [Category: Gifts]
The best handmade products on the market! Find out what you can get from LorainsTouch!

Lori Duff Photography [Category: Photography]
Lori Duff is a photographer from New England. Her site features images of places and people.

Love SVG [Category: Microstock]
Site has a categorized list of SVG images.

Love You Father [Category: Father s Day]
A site with poems, recipes, prayers, gifts and other things for Father's Day.

Lowe's [Category: Hardware]
Lowe's is a home improvement superstore. Lowe's offers local delivery and installation of items from appliances, flooring, garage doors and more. Lowe's offers delivery and installation or you can order online and pick up in store.

Lucksacks Poker Leagues [Category: Hive Games]
Site hosts poker leagues and poker games using HIVE.

Lucy Avenue [Category: Women s Apparel]
Lucy Avenue is a delightful online boutique from North Salt Lake.

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