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P&O Cruises Australia - Cruise Holidays [Category: Travel]
P&O Cruises Australia deliver cruise holidays to the South Pacific, Queensland, New Zealand and now Asia. Via four fabulous cruise ships - Pacific Sun, Pacific Sky, Pacific Star and Pacific Princess.

PALNet [Category: Tribes] is a HIVE based site that develops the PAL token. The tribal keyword is #palnet. They have categories for Peace, Abundance, Liberty and Minnow Support.

PAX Programs [Category: Dating]
PAX Programs offers programs to help understand the development process of the opposite sex and how our development affects relations. Titles include Understanding Men, In Sync with the Opposite Sex and Keys to the Kingdom.

PBS KIDS [Category: Kids]
PBS Kids has online videos and games for kids. Shop PBSKids has products for kids.

PCGS [Category: Coins]
Professional Coin Grading Service is a recognized authority on grading rare coins.

PDF Drive [Category: eBooks]
PDF Drive is a search engine for PDF files and ebooks.

PEAR :: The PHP Extension and Application Repository [Category: PHP]
An open sourced effort by to create a application repository for PHP. It integrates with CVS and apparently has a data abstraction layer.

PESOS Token [Category: Tribes]
PESOS token is shared by the site on HIVE and the site on STEEM. Tribal tags include #pesos, #onlinebuzz, #pets, #news, #media, #finance, #travel, #cybersecurity, #games, #myscoop, #domainname, #entertainment and more

PHP Best Practices [Category: PHP]
This site attempts to defined best practices for PHP.

PHP Builder [Category: PHP]
PHP Builder contains a library of downloadable PHP scripts, as well as full documentation for PHP.

PHP Editors [Category: PHP]
At we have tool reviews, book reviews and the brand new PHP Programming Contests - 1 for beginners and one for professionals - new ones running each month.

PHP Framework Interop Group [Category: PHP]
PHP FIG is a group of established PHP projects whose goal is to talk about commonalities between our projects and find ways we can work better together.

PHP Know How [Category: PHP]
Site has articles on PHP and programming with the LAMP stack.

PHP Security Consortium [Category: PHP]
Founded in January 2005, the PHP Security Consortium (PHPSC) is an international group of PHP experts dedicated to promoting secure programming practices within the PHP community.

PHP.Net [Category: PHP] is the official PHP site. They provide full, searchable online documentation with user comments. You can also check infor the latest news in the PHP community.

PIXTA [Category: Microstock]
Site offers royalty free stock images.

PNG (Portable Network Graphics) [Category: Programming]
Home of the graphics format that is taking over the net.

PPR: Pattern Language Titles [Category: Design Patterns]
Listed in Anti Patterns as a good source for Design Pattern Information.

PRWeb [Category: Business]
PRWeb is a web based press release service that will help your organization publish effective targeted press releases.

Pac-12 [Category: Pacific 12]
Official site for the Pacific 12 conference.

Pactimo [Category: Cycling]
Pactimo produces quality cycling apparel including apparel for cycling teams.

Paint Nite [Category: Art]
Paint Nite organizes social events for adults involving drinks and painting.

Paleo Diet [Category: Dieting]
Achieve permanent weight loss using the Paleo Diet.

Panerathon [Category: Running]
The Panerathon is an event by Panera Bread to end hunger.

Panic Goodbye [Category: Health]
A blog by Bertil Hjert about anxiety disorders.

Papa John's [Category: Pizza Chains]
Papa John's is a chain that had over 5000 eateries in 2019.

Papa Kelsey's Pizza and Subs [Category: Pizza Chains]
Papa Kelsey is a pizza chain out of Idaho Falls.

Papa Murphy's [Category: Pizza Chains]
Papa Murphy's innovated the Take N Bake pizza. In some states, the pizza's are considered grocery items. In these states, Papa Murphy's does not need to charge sales tax and can take EBT cards.

Paper Mart [Category: Office]
Established in 1921, Paper Mart is a fourth generation discounter of paper supplies headquartered in Orange, Ca.

Paradise Fibers [Category: Crafts]
Paradise Fibers of Spokane offers yarn, knitting and crocheting supplies.

Paralyzed Veterans of America [Category: Veterans]
PVA works to maximize the quality of life for disabled veterans.

Park City, Utah [Category: Community]
An open directory for the host of the 2002 Olympics -- Park City, Utah.

Park City, Utah [Category: Open Directory] is an open directory for the ski resort town of Park City, Utah.

Park Tool [Category: Cycling]
Park Tools is Minnesota based producer of bicycle parts.

Parler Free Speech Social Network [Category: Twitter]
Parler is a "free speach" alternative to Twitter for short form posts. This is my account.

Party Cat [Category: Party Supplies]
Find party invitations, favors and more at Party Cat.

Passport Collector [Category: Collectibles]
Site has information about the history of passports for collectors of old passports.

Patrick James [Category: Men s Clothing]
Patrick James carries and exquisite line of clothing for men.

Patriot Guard Riders [Category: Memorial Day]
Patriot Guard Riders is a group that honors our nation's fallen heroes and supports or nation's veterans.

Paul D Sippil and Associates [Category: Finance]
A financial advisor wanting to inform the public about hidden fees in retirement accounts.

PayJunction [Category: Credit Cards]
Trinity Credit Card Processing - Merchant Accounts. Trinity is one product that can process credit cards: At your office, through your website and on the go wirelessly.

PayPal [Category: Finance]
Paypal lets people buy and sell online with their email account. Use this link to sign up to receive online payments as a paypal merchant.

Paychex [Category: Accounting]
PayChex is a leading source for small business payroll processing.

Peachstate Financial Services [Category: Finance]
Peach State Financial Services provides church loans.

Peak Photography [Category: Photographers]
Andy, of Peak Photography, is studying at MSU in Bozeman. The site includes pictures of Montana and his world travels.

PeakD [Category: Hive] is an alternative interface for accessing the Hive blockchain. This site has a working wallet that allows people to powerup their HIVE.

PeakMonsters [Category: Hive Games]
PeakMonsters offers tools for the Splinterlands game.

Pendleton USA [Category: Apparel]
Established 1863, Pendleton is an American based textile company that excels in quality woolen products. The company is famed for its intricate blankets along with a fine line of woolen garments for men and women.

Penguin [Category: Computers]
Penguin Computing designs computer specifically for Linux users. They excel at rack mounted systems for servers, and their systems do not carry the extra cost of a windows license.

PeopleReady [Category: Employment Agencies]
PeopleReady by True Blue provides temporary and full time work in construction and labor intensive jobs.

PersonaLabs [Category: Health]
The PersonaLabs program offers direct to consumer professional lab tests. The site includes tests for diabetes, STDs, heart health testing, STDs, cancer screening and more.

Personalized Planet [Category: Personalized]
Find a fun selection of personalized gifts for all occasions at Personalized Planet including gifts for weddings, birthdays and seasonal events.

Pet Place [Category: Pet Stores]
A site with articles on pets.

Pet Street Mall [Category: Pet Stores]
Pet Street Mall has supplies for the dogs and cats including dog crates, dog fences, WiFi fences, bark collars and more.

Pet Tags [Category: Pet Stores] uses latest technology to store your pet's information linked to the pet tags - dog id tags & cat id tags - to ensure your pet is protected. [Category: Pet Stores]
This web site provides advise on homemade diets for pets. The site notes that most homebrewed diets for pets are worse for the pet than the dried and canned stuff found in stores.

PetSmart [Category: Pet Stores]
PetSmart is a leading pet superstore with pet supplies, pet food and other resources for animal lovers.

Petco [Category: Pet Stores]
Petco is a leading pet super store. Petco carries an extensive line of products for dogs, cats, fish and other animals that we invite into our lives.

Petition [Category: Info]
We help you to make your voice on the internet with online petitions.

Petjoy [Category: Pet Stores]
PetJoy offers a line of supplements to improve your dog's well being. They have formulas for joint care, heart care and general all around health.

Phone Cards [Category: Phone Cards]
Provides prepaid phone cards for domestic and long distance. Rates are as low 2cents/minutes for US and Canada

Phone Cards [Category: Phone Cards]
We are offers a variety of high quality international calling cards and prepaid phone cards that can be used all over the world for domestic and long distance calls anytime from your home.

Photo Clicks [Category: Photography]
A leading Photography links directory with links to thousands of online galleries and resources.

PhotoAttorney [Category: Photography]
Site follows legal actions and laws related to photography.

PhotoVisions Photography [Category: Photography]
Site Features the photography of Adrian Szatewicz. The photos feature Poland and Norway.

Photographic Society of America [Category: Photography]
The PSA is a membership organization for American photographers.

Photos by Keshia [Category: Photographers]
Wedding Photography Blog

Phrase It [Category: English - ESL]
Phrase-It makes a card game for ESL students.

Pi Day [Category: Math]
3.14 is pi day.

Piano Coach Pro [Category: Music Lessons]
Download a program to help you master the piano.

Piano Wizard Academy [Category: Music Lessons]
This super fun computer program uses color coded stickers that you place on your keyboard to help you learn to play piano. Fun for kids and adults, the lessons are like a computer game that build your understanding of music theory while learning to play.

Pick Your Own [Category: Food]
This site lists pick-your-own farms by state.

Pickens Plan [Category: Alternative Energy]
A site by investor T. Boone Pickens who is working to build alternative sources of energy.

Pickleball Canada Association [Category: Pickleball]
PCA promotes Pickleball in the lands to the northn.

Pickleball Coach [Category: Pickleball]
Pickleball Coach is an online strategy guide and forum for Pickleball.

Pickleball Iowa [Category: Pickleball]
Enjoy Pickleball among the Iowa Cornfields.

Pickleball Links [Category: Pickleball]
A site with links to Pickleball clubs around the world. [Category: Pickleball]
This site has information about Pickleball Tournaments around the globe.

Pictures on Gold [Category: Personalized]
Pictures on Gold will inset your picture on gold pendants, lockets and other jewelry designs. [Category: Furniture] carries bedding and pillows including the same high quality pillows found in luxury hotels.

Pimsleur [Category: Languages]
Pimsleur offers a teaching approach that can get you up to speed on a variety of popular world languages.

Pingdom [Category: Internet]
This tool tests the speed of a web site.

Pinmapple [Category: Hive]
Pinapple shows Hive Posts from around the world.

Pioneer Emergency Medical Alarms [Category: Health]
Pioneer offers emergency alert systems which are ideal for seniors.

Pixaboy [Category: Microstock]
Pixabay has stock images using the Creative Commons and Public Domain photos.

Pizza Pie Cafe [Category: Pizza Chains]
Pizza Pie Cafe is a Utah based pizza chain that had 15 locations in 2019.

Places That Were [Category: Travelers]
This site visits ghost towns and abandoned places.

Planet Math [Category: Math]
PlanetMath is a virtual community which aims to help make mathematical knowledge more accessible.

Platinum Equity [Category: Private Equity Firms]
Platinum Equity is a private equity firm based in Beverly Hills, Ca. [Category: Hive Games]
The site said coming soon when I visited. PlayByHive appears to be the start of a MPG that uses the token COPPERS.

PlugShare [Category: Electric Vehicles]
PlugShare lists the locations and operating status of EV charging stations around the country.

Podcast Pickle [Category: Podcasts]
A portal to the podcast world with links to tens of thousands of podcasts.

Podshare [Category: Apartments]
PodShare is a concept in co-living offering living space in Los Angeles for just $1000 a month.

Poems of Sunny Colorado [Category: Writing]
A collection of verse by Susie Kerin published in 1922.

Poesie [Category: French]
Poemes des recueils de poesie du poete R Bellon. Le poeme damour La glace est le 1er poeme au monde traduit en hieroglyphes et maya par des chercheurs.

Poetic Justice Jeans [Category: Women s Apparel]
Poetic Justice designs jeans to fit curvy women.

Pollen Mobile [Category: MOBI]
A Mobile Site with local pollen forecasts.

PolyCub [Category: Hive]
PolyCub is a DeFi 2.0 yield optimizing platform which includes swaps, airdrops and other financial features.

Pony Express Museum [Category: Pony Express]
A museum in St Joseph has information about the Pony Express trail.

Pony Express National Historic Trail (National Park Service) [Category: Pony Express]
presented by the National Park Service

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