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Sites starting with "W"

Web Site Listings

W3C HTML5 [Category: HTML 5]
I am assuming that this presentation (dated October 2014) is an official overview of the flow of HTML 5.

WHATWG - HTML Standard [Category: HTML 5]
The HTML Standard as published by WHATWG.

WINGS Coins [Category: Coins]
Site offers coin grading services.

WISPA [Category: Internet]
WISPA promotes the development, advancement and unification of the wireless Internet service provider industry.

WSS Shoes [Category: Shoe Stores]
WSS Shoes (Wholesale Shoe Stores) is a expanding chain of shoe stores known for community involvement and for building stores in underserved neighborhoods.

Wagner Cast Iron Skillet [Category: Kitchen]
Site has information about Wagner Cast Iron Skillets.

Waivio [Category: Tribes]
Waivio uses the WAIV utility token.

Walgreens [Category: Medical Products]
Walgreens is the worlds largest drug store chain with over 8500 stores throughout the nation.

Walk Score [Category: Real Estate]
Walk Score will generate a walkability score for any address. The score includes proximity to restaurants, stores, post offices and other services.

WallBuilders [Category: History]
Presenting America's forgotten history and heroes, with an emphasis on our moral, religious, and constitutional heritage.

Walls of the Wild [Category: Crafts]
This is a cool idea: Giant wild animal wildlife murals - cut-out nature murals, posters, decals, mural wallpaper stickers.

Washington Report On Middle East Affairs. [Category: Middle East]
WRMEA is a 140-page magazine published 10 times per year in Washington, DC, that focuses on news and analysis from and about the Middle East and U.S. policy in that region.

Washington State Cougars [Category: Pacific 12]
The Washington State Cougars play in Pullman, Washington.

Wasm By Example [Category: WebAssemby]
Site has a tutorial for using Wasm.

Watch Batteries [Category: Recycle Electronics]
Site buys silver oxide batteries and gold plated watch bands.

Water of Life [Category: Relief Efforts]
Organization works to bring clean water to disadvantaged communities around the world.

Waterproof Paper [Category: Maps]
Site offers waterproof paper for maps, field notes and other things that might get wet.

Watsi [Category: Crowd Sourcing]
Watsi is a program for funding medical treatments for people around the world

Waymarking [Category: Maps]
Waymarking has information on unique and interesting points around the globe.

We Are Alive and Social [Category: Tribes]
This community celebrates life and supplements rewards with the ALIVE token with the tribal tag #alive .

We Are Teachers [Category: Learning]
A knowledge marketplace for teachers.

We Should Fire Congress [Category: Politics]
A great suggestion. We should throw them all out. The problem is that throwing the rogues out just puts a new class of rogues in.

WeCar [Category: Car Sharing]
WeCar is a car sharing service developed by Enterprise Rent-a-Car.

Web Directory [Category: Directories]
An SEO optimized open directory.

Web Hosting [Category: Web Hosting]
Web hosting tutorial for the beginners. Also provides how to register a domain name and hosting solutions.

Web Hosting Reviews [Category: Web Hosting]
Site has detailed web hosting reviews that list number of domains along with readers rants.

Web Hosting Reviews Exposed [Category: Web Hosting]
Site reminds people that hosting review sites make money by recommending web hosts and tend to list hosts by commission.

Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group [Category: Programming]
A working group that helps define the elements of HTML 5.

The Web Pole [Category: Web Hosting] provides you with the most reliable web hosting services at an affordable price on Windows and Linux platform, the best part is it offers you 24X7 support with 99.99% uptime with SSL certificates and also offer domain name registration.

Web Safety Ratings from McAfee SiteAdvisor [Category: Internet]
This page by McAfee lists safety ratings and tests downloads from web sites.

WebAssembly [Category: WebAssemby]
The official site for the WebAssembly definition.

WebElements Periodic Table [Category: Cool Sites]
Web Elements is an online store/information source build around the periodic table.

WebEx [Category: Telephony]
WebEx, by Cisco, offers video conferencing services and communication technologies.

WebSitePulse Test Tools HTML Code [Category: Internet]
Web Site Pulse lets you test your web site for availability and response time.

WebcamMax [Category: ScreenCasting]
WebCamMax offers a screencast utility popular for use in web chats, but with a large number of effects ideal for screencasting.

Weber State Wildcats [Category: Big Sky Conference]
The Weber State Wildcats hail from Ogden, Utah (events)

Webroot - Secure online backup [Category: Backup]
WebRoot Software of Boulder offers secure online backup along with firewall, virus protection and spyware sweeping software.

Webroot Antivirus [Category: Internet]
Webroot, a firm from Boulder, offers the best protection against viruses, spyware data theft and hackers.

Website Translator [Category: Translation]
Translate your web site into 14 different languages.

Weeds and Wildflowers -- by Root Celler [Category: Wildflowers]
An indexed list of weeds and wildflowers from the Mountain West.

Welcome to Recycle City! [Category: Kids]
Published by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), recycle city is filled with games and interactive graphics showing how we can re-use things.

WellWire [Category: Health]
Everyday Holistic Solutions

West Marine [Category: Boating]
West Marine is the nation's largest boating supply store. The web site has hard to find boating supplies, safety gear and more.

WestHost [Category: Web Hosting]
West Host (of Providence, Utah) offers affordable web hosting services. Personal web sites (blogs, etc.) currently start at $3.95 a month. Business sites at $6.95.

Western Athletic Conference [Category: Western Athletic Conference]
The official site for the Western Athletic Conference lists teams and championship game info.

Western Mining History [Category: History]
A site exploring mining history in the Western US

Western New Mexico Mustangs Athletics [Category: Rocky Mountain]
The Mustangs represent Western New Mexico University in Silver City.

Western State College of Colorado [Category: Rocky Mountain]
The Mountaineers of Western State College of Colorado hail from Gunnison.

What browser am I using? [Category: Internet]
This site shows the basic information that web sites (using javascript) can figure out about your browser. Some sites display different sites depending on your browser.

What is the Exposure Triangle [Category: Photo Tips]
An interesting article on the "Exposure Triangle" and better metaphors for discussing the relation of aperture and shutter speed.

What's my resolver? [Category: Internet]
This page shows the computer that resolved the DNS lookup for the page. The linux command dig returns same number.

Where's George? [Category: Cool Sites]
This is an interesting idea. You enter the serial numbers of the cash you have on hand then spend it. If someone else enters the same bill, Where's George will send you an email, letting you track the bill. The treasury dept must hate this site.

White Collar Fraud [Category: Fraud]
A Former Fraudster Speaks Out about White Collar Crime.

Whitman Publishing [Category: Coins]
Whitman Publishing prints coin collector folders, albums and price guides.

Who mute me? [Category: SteemIt]
This tool shows users who've muted you.

The Whole Dog Journal [Category: Dogs]
The Whole Dog Journal is a subscription site with articles on natural pet foods and tips on promoting good behavior and how to help dogs live full, happy lives.

Wholesale Costume Club [Category: Costumes]
Site offers costumes online at wholesale prices.

Wholesale Dog Products [Category: Dogs]
Our online store offers a wide range of wholesale products for reptiles such as cages, health care products and enclosures. is one of the leading online distributors of wholesale pet products for different animals.

Wholesale Quilting [Category: Crafts]
Quiltworks is a wholesaler of quilting notions and wholesale textile fabrics, velcro, lycras, patterns and fat quarters

Why Hive [Category: Hive]
Why Hive is designed to educate the public at large about the HIVE blockchain.

Wideo [Category: Podcasts]
Wideo is an online for producing animated videos such as a video podcast.

WikiTree [Category: Genealogy]
WikiTree is a free, open family tree.

Wikimedia Commons [Category: Microstock]
The Wikimedia Commons offers a collection of images under the creative commons license.

Wikipedia - M.U.N. [Category: Model U.N.]
The Wikipedia Page on the Model UN provides a quick introduction to the program.

Wild Zora [Category: Food]
Wild Zora offers protein bars with a mix of jerky, fruit and nuts that are ideal for the paleo diet.

Wildflower Information [Category: Wildflowers]
Wildflower Information has pictures, gardening tips and flower folklore.

Wildflowers and Weeds [Category: Wildflowers]
This site from Pony, Montana offers info on the Identification of wild flowers, plus weed control alternatives.

Will Leather Goods [Category: Luggage]
Will Leather Goods, by Will Alder of Eugene, offers a unique and stylish selection of handbags, briefcases, back packs, belts and accessories.

WillyGoat [Category: Toys]
Willy Goat of Theodore, Alabama carries swing sets, slides and outdoor play equipment.

Winch Depot [Category: Auto Parts]
Get free shipping on winches at Winch Depot, by 4 Wheel Parts.

Wind Map [Category: Info]
This page shows a map of winds in the US.

Wind Power Energy [Category: Alternative Energy]
A blog style site includes posts on wind energy, tidal energy, energy storage and other approaches to renewable energy.

Windowfarms [Category: Garden]
Window Farms offers innovative designs for growing plants in the window of your house or apartment.

Windows hosting from M6.Net [Category: Web Hosting]
Since 1997 M6.Net always provided the most reliable, lowest priced Windows hosting with ASP.Net, ASP, PHP, SQL Server and MySQl Server in reseller friendly packages.

Windsor Store [Category: Women s Apparel]
Established 1937, Windsor Store has created on online oasis of beauty for women.

Wine Baskets [Category: Wine]
Wine Basket is a small company from New Jersey that builds gift baskets around a bottle of wine.

The Wisdom of Coco [Category: Blogs]
A site by a little brown doggie named Coco.

The Wisdom of Coco [Category: blogs - pets]
A blog featuring the world view of Coco ... a brown dog.

Wise Food Storage [Category: Food Storage]
Wise Food Storage creates preparedness products that your family will enjoy eating. Try coupon code AVLFS for free shipping.

Witt Machine [Category: Hunting]
Witt Machine, from Fort Garland, Co, offers custom made muzzle brakes. Muzzle brakes reduce rise and recoil of guns.

Wolfgang Man and Beast [Category: Dogs]
Wolfgang carries a line of durable collars and leashes.

Women Job Fairs [Category: Job Fairs]
Job Fairs targeting female employees.

Wood Mizer [Category: Wood Burning]
Wood Mizer creates portable saw mills.

Wood Stove Wizard [Category: Wood Burning] tells you everything you need to know about wood burning stoves

WoodProfits [Category: Opportunities]
learn how to start a profitable woodworking business.

WoodSpring Suites Hotels [Category: Extended Stay]
Value Place and Woodsprings Suites is an expanding chain of affordable extended stay hotels in major metropolitan areas throughout the US. This link loads the offers page. At the time of this review the offer was a wifi upgrade.

Woodland Mills [Category: Wood Burning]
Woodland Mills, based in Ontario, manufactures portable sawmills, bandsaw mills and wood chippers.

Woodwind Brasswind [Category: Textbooks]
Find musical instruments for band. The site has woodwinds (clarinets, oboes), brass (trumpets, coronets, tubas, trombones, percussion and string instruments.

Woodwind and Brasswind [Category: Musical Instruments]
Woodwind and Brasswind provides a selection of band instruments, percussion, guitars and recording studio equipment (including karaoke). It is a great place for people who love to make music.

Work at Home United [Category: Opportunities]
Showing serious people how to work at home. Why miss a moment of your child's life? With free training and an awesome support team any motivated individual can do it!

Workout Warehouse [Category: Fitness]
Workout warehouse by Icon Fitness carries workout equipment for the home including ellipticals, treadmills, Nordic Track, skiers, Steppers along with products for pilates and yoga.

World Backup Day [Category: Computers]
March 31st is World Back Up Day. The event encourages people to back up their computers.

World Bank Group [Category: International]
The world bank has an informative selection on the economic condition of developed and developing nations.

World Book [Category: Bookstores]
World Book offers a fun selection of encyclopedias and children's books.

World Federation of United Nations Associations [Category: United Nations]
The mission of the World Federation of United Nations Associations is to inform, sustain and energize a global network of United Nations Associations to support the principles and programs of the United Nations and to help shape its agenda.

World Food Programme [Category: United Nations]
The United Nations World Food program is an international aid program to help end hunger.

World Gold Council [Category: Coins]
Site has information about the gold industry.

World Health Organization [Category: Health]
The WHO is a primary source for international health information.

World Lingo [Category: Translation]
Web site offers free online language translations.

World Maps Info [Category: Maps]
Site provides a world travel guide with maps.

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