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Sites starting with "v"

Web Site Listings

VA Careers [Category: Health Careers]
Search for jobs within the Veterans Administration health care system.

VAT returns [Category: Taxes]
Trilogy Accountancy Services provides bookkeeping, VAT returns, company formation and tax returns in wolverhampton and Birmingham areas.

VIMM [Category: Tribes]
VIMM TV is a video community that uses the VIMM token to supplement posts in the VIMM.TV community.

VINELink [Category: Legal]
The Victim Notification Network is a site by Appriss that notifies victims of crimes of changes in the status of the perpetrators of the crime. The service works with state and county governments throughout the US. [Category: Web Hosting] offers cloud web hosting and cloud servers from locations in the UK and US. This site is hosted on an SSD VPS Drive. (NOTE, use the coupon GIVEME10 for a $10 credit).

VSSL Gear [Category: Outdoor Gear]
An outfit from Sumas, Wa offers emergency supplies and emergency medical kits packed in a light weight air tight aluminum flashlight. The units are a fun gift for outdoor enthusiasts.

VUDU [Category: Media (DVD/Movies)]
VUDU is an online service that lets you rent or buy HD movies and TV shows.

Vail Valley Anglers [Category: Fishing]
With a shop in Edwards, Colorado, Vail Valley Anglers is an online site passionate about fly fishing.

Valentines [Category: Seasonal]
The Valentines page lists sites dedicated to helping your find and secure your loved ones. It includes both dating sites, and sites with flowers, jewelry, chocolates and valentines gifts.

Valley Food Storage [Category: Food Storage]
Valley Food Storage carries food storage kits with a 25 year supply along with barrels for water storage and portable water filters.

Vanabode [Category: Travel]
Learn how to travel the US, in a van, on $20 a day.

Variety and Errors [Category: Coins]
Site is interested in varieties and errors in coins.

Vecteezy! [Category: Microstock]
Vecteezy is an index of Free Vector Graphics available for download by some of the best artists around the world. [Category: Microstock] offers free animated clip art.

Veews [Category: Hive]
Veews is a content discovery engine developed for HIVE blockchain.

Venture Voice [Category: Podcasts]
Venture Voice is a podcast on entrepreneurship, venture capital, business

VerifyYourBrain [Category: Tribes]
VerifyYourBrain is a tribe formed in conjunction with the Proof of Brain tribe. It augments HIVE and POB rewards with the VYB token.

Verizon [Category: Telephony]
Verizon is a leader in wireless, broadband and telephony communication. Verizon was created in 2000 with the merger of Bell South and GTE. It grew substantially in 2005 with acquisition of the bankrupt MCI.

Verizon Wireless [Category: Telephony]
Verizon Wireless, by Verizon, is a nationwide cellphone network. You can order a smart phone online and pick up at a local store.

Vet Friends [Category: Veterans]
This page lists veterans day parades by state.

VetNetAmerica [Category: Health Careers]
VetNetAmerica is a veterinarian - owned and operated company providing employment services to the veterinary community.

Veteran Opportunity Expos [Category: Job Fairs]
Recruit Military offers job fairs for veterans.

Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) [Category: Veterans]
The VFW works to assist the Veterans of America's Foreign Wars.

Veterinary Information Network (VIN) [Category: Animals]
VIN is a network providing information and news for veterinarians.

Vft Lab [Category: Hive]
Site has information about the VFT coin.

Vidly [Category: Twitter]
Vidly is a product for sharing videos on twitter.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund [Category: Memorial Day]
The Vietam Veterans Memorial Fund supports the Vietnam Memorial Wall and educational efforts.

Vimeo [Category: Videography]
Vimeo is a video sharing site that concentrates on higher end videos. The site offers free video hosting for independent artists and has professional plans for companies looking to host their video presentations.

Vinyl Banners, Trade Show Displays, Posters [Category: Promotional]
We offer hundreds of products ranging from vinyl banners and posters to web design and eco-friendly prints.

Violin Video Lessons for Adult Beginners [Category: Music Lessons]
Learn to play the violin.

The Virtual Wall [Category: Memorial Day]
In conjunction with the Vietnam Memorial Wall, the Virtual Wall offers a place for memorials to Vietnam Veterans.

Visual Capitalist [Category: Economics]
The Visual Capitalists produces graphics to discuss economic concepts.

Visualize Traffic [Category: Internet]
Visualize Traffic shows estimated visitors for web sites. I linked to the visualization for this site. Just change the URL for your site.

VitaHound [Category: Dogs]
A nutritional supplement that provides the vitamins a dog requires for living a healthy life; our product supplements dog food, and improves a dogs overall health, while helping your much loved dog avoid arthritis, dog cancer, and other dog problems.

The Vitamin Shoppe [Category: Nutrition]
The Vitamin Shoppe offers nutritional supplements, herbs and ecofriendly products.

Vivid Racing [Category: Auto Parts]
Vivid Racing is an online source for performance auto parts.

Vivid Racing [Category: Auto Parts]
Vivid Racing is a site offering performance auto parts and expertise on enhancing fine cars.

Vivo Barefoot [Category: Shoe Stores]
Site offers a variety of "barefoot" shoes for running, hiking, etc.

Voi Jeans [Category: Denim]
The official online store for Voi Jeans carries apparel for men and ladies.

VolleyHut [Category: Sporting Goods]
VolleyHut is an online superstore with a massive selection of equipment, training tapes and apparel (including team apparel) for volleyball.

Volt Information Sciences [Category: Employment Agencies]
Volt Information Sciences offers temporary staffing.

Volunteers of America [Category: Relief Efforts]
The VoA has a long history of helping those most in need. The VoA will help assist those who cannot assist themselves in the wake of Katrina and other disasters.

Vortex Fire Doors [Category: Hardware]
Vortex Doors is your specialist for industrial and commercial door repair and replacement. Family-owned since 1937, Vortex is the door services industry leader in quick response, superior quality, and excellent customer service.

villa vacation rentals [Category: Vacation Properties]
Villa World Luxury Home Villa Vacation Rentals by Owners American Weekend Vacation Packages Florida Beach Vacation Condos Condo Orlando Holiday Vacation Rentals

voip providers [Category: Telephony]
Catalog.VoIP services review, voip providers catalog, voip list, compare voip providers. Compare VoIP providers, learn about VoIP services, read reviews.