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GIMP [Category: Photography]
GIMP is a GNU licensed tool for manipulating images. The site includes photo editors for popular operating systems.

GMR Gold [Category: Coins]
GMR Gold is a Texas based firm offering gold and silver coins.

GNU Privacy Guard [Category: SSL/TSL Certiciates]
GnuPG is a complete and free implementation of the OpenPGP standard allowing users to to encrypt and sign your data and communications.

GPSFileDepot [Category: Maps]
Site offers Garmin Maps, Ximage hosting, tutorials, articles and more for your GPSr.

Gaiam [Category: Green]
Gaiam is a green department store from Boulder offering a full range of lifestyle products ranging from Yoga to clothes and furnishings.

Gaiam [Category: Health and Beauty]
Gaiam includes products and information to help you living a healthy natural lifestyle.

Gaiam - Workout [Category: Fitness]
Gaiam produces videos demonstrating yoga, tai chi another exercise techniques. This page includes low resolution samples videos that show the use of exercise balls.

Gambling Law US [Category: Legal]
Gambling Law US provides overview of gambling laws by state.

GameStop [Category: Computer Games]
GameStop offers computer games, game rentals and downloads.

Gamesville [Category: Computer Games]
Gamesville offers free online games. The collection includes word games, puzzles, java games and more.

Garden Centers of America [Category: Garden]
GCA is an organization focusing on the needs of independent garden centers.

Garden Rant [Category: Garden]
A blog commenting on the state of the gardening world.

Garmin [Category: Maps]
Garmin is a leading provider of personal GPS technology with a variety of GPS units, maps and charts designed for different activities from wearable watch style to handheld and mounted units to integrate into your ride.

GayPatriot [Category: blogs - politics]
Blogging from the not-so-vast gay right wing conspiracy.

Gear Trade [Category: Outdoor Gear]
Outdoor gear holds its value. Gear Trade lets you buy and sell quality gear online. They have sections for mountain bikes, road bikes, camping, snowshoe, snowboard, skating, paddling and more.

Gemnation [Category: Watches]
Gemnation is a New York based provider of luxury watches at discounted Internet pricing.

Genealogy Trails History Group [Category: Genealogy]
Genealogy Trails is a free site helping you follow the genealogical trails.

The Generations Network [Category: Genealogy]
Home of, Rootsweb and, The Generations Network is the leading genealogy and family subscription service. TGN recently augmented its offerings with DNA Ancestry.

Genesis League Sports [Category: Hive Games]
Genesis League Sports, source of the GLX coin, is a blockchain-based, play2earn gaming platform and ecosystem specifically designed for sports games and NFTs.

Geni [Category: Genealogy]
Geni combines social networking and genealogy.

Genuine Parts Company [Category: Auto Parts]
GPC is the world's largest dealer in parts. The family includes NAPA (National Auto Parts Association), Motion Industries (industrial parts), SP Richards (business products) and EIS (Electrical parts).

GeoDataSource [Category: Maps]
Site offers databases of cities.

GeoServer [Category: Maps]
GeoServer is an open source software server written in Java that allows users to share and edit geospatial data.

Gerald A. Honigman [Category: International]
Honigman is an independent academic who has been studying the Middle East.

Germ Guardian [Category: Cleaning]
Germ Guardian creates products that use UV rays to kill germs.

Get Olympus [Category: Cameras]
Get Olympus is the official site for Olympus cameras, lenses, binoculars and optics.

Get Out of Our House [Category: Politics]
GOOOH bills itself as a non-partisan plan to elect citizen representatives!

Get Ski Tickets [Category: Ski Equipment]
Get ski tickets offers discount lift tickets and super passes for select ski resorts.

Getty Ready [Category: History]
Seven score and ten years ago our forefathers gathered at Gettysburg to attend a speech on this Continent by President and Abraham Lincoln.

Gift With Love [Category: Gifts]
Same day delivery of Gifts and flowers to all over India. Gifts are available for all kind of Occasion for anytime anywhere delivery. [Category: Gifts] offers gift cards including cash cards and cards for your favorite merchants and restaurants in the US.

GiftGiver [Category: Hive]
GiftGiver will give a temporary HP delegation to new users.

Gimpsy [Category: Directories]
Gimpsy uses active words to search the net.

Girl Scouts of the USA [Category: Scouts] has information on the Girl Scout program including links o local councils.

Girls on the Run [Category: Kids]
This nonprofit, established by Molly Barker, encourages girls to run! Exercise builds self esteem.

Git [Category: Programming]
Git is a source control management system which was named after Linus Torvold who is known to behave like a git at times. (It lets multiple people work on the same project).

GitHub - HiveKeychain [Category: Hive Developer]
This is the gethub repository for Hive Keychain.

GitHub - OpenHive [Category: Hive Developer]
This GitHub repository holds the source code for HIVE.

Gitanjali Corporate Gifts and Greetings [Category: Awards]
Gitanjali Creates a Wide Range of Acrylic Awards, Trophies, Mementoes & Corporate Gifts. They Specialize in executing jobs for our various Customers as per their Specific Requirements using the latest cutting edge technologies. - Charity Reports [Category: Relief Efforts]
A BBB site with reports on different charitable organizations.

Global Economic Warfare [Category: Economics]
Economic warfare is an ancient art. A recent report examines the role that economic warfare may have played in the 2008 collapse and future vulnerabilities for our nation.

Global Entry [Category: Airlines]
Global Entry, by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency, allows expedited clearance fro pre-approved, low-risk travelers at select International Airports in the United States.

Global Information Security Certification [Category: Internet]
Information Security Certification [GIAC) provides information security certifications for IT managers and security professionals.

Global Start Up Battle [Category: Start Ups]
This site reports on Global Start Up Week and startup week end events.

Glow in the Dark Balls [Category: Sporting Goods]
Exciting and Unique glow in the Dark balls for nighttime sports [Category: Costumes]
GlowSource is the source for things that glow such as glow sticks, LEDs, light up ice cubes and fun things for parties, trick or treating, etc.

Go Coffee Go [Category: Coffee and Tea]
Site offers gourmet coffee beans from top roasters.

Go Fun Runs [Category: Running]
Site provides info on fun runs and zombie runs around the world.

Go Green Solar [Category: Alternative Energy]
Go Green Solar is a site by technology enthusiasts dedicated to bringing solar energy and wind power to the masses.

Go ThunderWolves [Category: Rocky Mountain]
The CSU ThunderWolves hail from Pueblo (events)

GoDaddy - SSL [Category: SSL/TSL Certiciates]
GoDaddy offers a full range of domain services and SSL certificates. - The University of Oregon Official Athletics Web Site [Category: Pacific 12]
The Oregon Ducks hail from Eugene, Oregon.

GoGuides.Org Directory & Search [Category: Directories]
A large International directory

GoSun Stove [Category: Cooking Outdoors]
The GoSun Stove is an innovative portable solar stove that uses a tubular design to quickly cook foods. You put the food in a tube, focus the solar panels and you will be cooking with sunshine in just a few minutes.

Godfathers Pizza [Category: Pizza Chains]
Godfather's Pizza is a chain that had over 500 locations in 37 states in 2019.

Gold Star Mothers [Category: Memorial Day]
American Gold Star Mothers is an organization of mothers who have lost a son or daughter in the service of our country.

Gold Star Wives of America [Category: Memorial Day]
Gold Star Wives Of America, Inc. is an organization of military widows/widowers whose spouse died while on active duty or from service connected disabilities.

Gold's Gym [Category: Fitness]
Gold's Gym offers a franchise of fitness centers with over 600 gyms scattered around the world.

Golden Gate Capital [Category: Private Equity Firms]
Golden Gate Capital is a Private Equity Firm based in San Francisco.

Golden State Athletic Conference Athletics [Category: College Sports]
The Golden State Athletic Conference includes the Arizona Christian University, Biola, Concordia, Hope International, The Masters College, San Diego Christian and Westmont.

Goldman Sachs [Category: Private Equity Firms]
Someday there will be only one company and that company will be Goldman Sachs.

Golem Overlord [Category: Hive Games]
Golem Overlord is a HIVE based game launched in 2023.

Golf Bags [Category: Golf]
UK supplier of golf and sports equipment such as golf clubs, golf bags, balls, shoes, exercise bikes, cricket equipment and accessories. Purchase securely online.

Golf Shoes [Category: Shoe Stores]
UK supplier of golf and sports equipment such as golf clubs, golf bags, balls, shoes, exercise bikes, cricket equipment and accessories. Purchase securely online.

Gone with the Wynns [Category: Travelers]
Gone with the Wynns is a site by professional travelers with blogs and videos of the journeys.

Good Feet [Category: Shoe Stores]
Good Feet carries shoes with arch support and other features for sore or tired feet.

Google Cloud [Category: Web Hosting]
Google Cloud allows you to host web sites. You can run the LAMP stack with PHP and MySQL. The trial offer gives you a set amount of credits that you can use for the first 60 days. The minimum price seems to be about $10 a month.

Google Maps API links [Category: Maps]
Site has examples using google maps v3

Google Plus [Category: Info]
Google Plus is a Social Networking site by Google. So, I created a page for the Community Color directories.

Google Translate [Category: Translation]
An online translation tool by Google.

Goopping [Category: Shopping]
Goopping, by ATS, is an international address forwarding system. International customers and people living abroad can order items to a Utah address. Goopping will then ship the items to your international address.

Got Your Back Network [Category: Veterans]
The Got Your Back Network connects with military families who have lost a spouse or parent while serving our country.

Gourmesso [Category: Coffee and Tea]
Gourmesso offers gourmet coffee capsules compatible with Nespresso machines.

Gourmet Gift Baskets [Category: Gifts]
Gourmet Gift Baskets builds gifts around treats such including fruits, nuts, cheese, cheesecake. The site offers care packages and gourmet gifts. [Category: Politics]
This is an independent non-partisan site that helps people keep track of Congress.

Governmental Accounting Standards Board [Category: Accounting]
GASB sets generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) for government entities.

Grameen-Banking [Category: International]
Grameen Banking makes microloans to people in disadvantaged regions of the world.

Grand Canyon West [Category: Recreation]
Grand Canyon West offers Grand Canyon Vacations including the Grand Canyon Skywalk, river trips, tours, zip lines and more.

Grand Junction [Category: Open Directory]
Grand Junction is the heart of Western Colorado.

Grand Junction, Colorado [Category: Community]
Search engine, directory and services for Grand Junction, Colorado and surrounding communities.

Great American Days [Category: Adventure Gifts]
Great American Days offers a fun selection of experience gifts throughout the nation.

Great Western Trail [Category: Great Western Trail]
Site include maps and events related to the Great Western Trail.

Great Wolf Resorts [Category: Lodging]
Great Wolf Resort combines a water park and hotel to make a fun family centered resort. They had 18 locations when I visited their site in 2019.

Green Batteries [Category: Shopping]
Green Batteries supplies rechargeable batteries and chargers. Their site has great information on battery technology.

Green Map System [Category: Info]
is creating maps of the different environmental initiatives in a region. This sounds like a great project for a community group.

GreenSmoothieGirl [Category: Nutrition]
Green Smoothie Girl promotes whole foods. A good start is to put a salad in a blender.

Greyhound History [Category: History]
This site has a visual display of the history of Greyhound Bus which became Viad Corporation.

Grid by Example [Category: Cascading Style Sheets]
Site talks about using CSS grid layouts.

Grifols Plasma [Category: Blood Donations]
Grifols Plasma is a Spanish Company. They operate a network with over 150 centers for collecting plasma.

GrindWorx [Category: Hardware]
Grindworx carries a selection of knives, survival gear, self defense products and knife sharpening supplies.

Grok [Category: Artificial Intelligence]
Grok is an ai platform being developed by X.

Groopdealz [Category: Steals]
Groupdealz is a deal online boutique from Utah with items in jewelry, clothing, home decor and kid stuff.

Group Travel Scoop [Category: Blogs]
This site by follows the group travel industry.

Gryphon Air [Category: Airlines]
A partner of Swiftair, Gryphon Air flies to the Iraq region.

Guitar Center [Category: Musical Instruments]
Guitar Center, a leading source of musical instruments, offers a wide selection of guitars, drums, amps and equipment online. This links brings you to the free shipping page. [Category: Music Lessons]
A blog style site has the scoop on the guitar lifestyle.

Gulf War Veteran Resource Pages [Category: Veterans]
Site includes resources for Gulf War Veterans.

Guoman Hotels [Category: Lodging]
Guoman offers four and five star hotels in the heart of London.

Gurian Institute [Category: Education Policy]
Michael Gurian advocates education policy based on studying the different neuro-biology of boys and girls.

Gutenberg [Category: eBooks]
Project Gutenberg offers a collects of free ebooks.

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