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Sites starting with "h"

Web Site Listings [Category: Environment]
A house designed to test water saving techniques.

HE-Index [Category: Hive]
This site has information on the INDEX token.

HHVM [Category: PHP]
HHVM is an open-source virtual machine designed for executing programs written in Hack and PHP.

HIVE Block Explorer [Category: Hive]
Hive Block Explorer is a blockchain explorer by PenguinPablo.

HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd [Category: Hive]
HIVE Blockchain is a company (unrelated to Hive) that had been trading crypto with with brand HIVE since 2017. I suspect that there will be a brutal trademark infringement suit over the name.

HIVE Onboard [Category: Hive]
The web site was designed to onboard new HIVE accounts. It includes features for creating accounts and exploring dapps that use HIVE.

HIVE PHP [Category: Hive Developer]
This is a PHP library that interacts with HIVE.

HIVE Photo [Category: Tribes]
HIVE Photo is a tribe focusing on the art of of photography. The site supplements HIVE rewards with the PHOTO token.

HIVE SBI [Category: Hive]
Hive Stake Based Income (Hive SBI) is a social experiment to bring a voluntary crowdfunded basic income to as many Hivers as possible. The site controls the HSBI coin.

HIVE Stats by Leo Finance [Category: Hive]
This is a professionally designed program that reports on the HIVE blockchain. They have a page for every user.

HIVE What? [Category: Hive]
Site offers a search engine and directory service for HIVE.

HTML 5 Tutorial [Category: HTML 5]
A tutorial on using HTML5.

HTML Arrows [Category: HTML 5]
This page shows html arrows, dingbats and other special characters in HTML.

HTML Dog [Category: HTML 5]
HTML Dog offers an online HTML tutorial.

HTML5 Canvas Tutorials [Category: HTML 5]
Site has posts on the HTML Canvas feature.

HTML5 Doctor [Category: HTML 5]
HTML% Doctor focuses on multimedia in HTML 5. Site includes a handy element index.

HTML5 tutorial [Category: HTML 5]
Site offers an online HTML 5 tutorial.

Hacked Snacks [Category: Treats]
Hacked Snacks offers a selection of improved snacks.

Hale Groves [Category: Gifts]
Order a gift basket with fresh citrus fruits, nuts, baked goods and delights from Florida.

Halfbike [Category: Cycling]
The Halfbike is a new kind of personal vehicle that brings joy back to urban mobility.

Halloween [Category: Seasonal]
Boo! Halloween is a scary time. There are strange creatures prowling the streets and web sites around the globe become haunted. The Halloween page lists costume shops, candy stores and seasonal goods.

Halloween Forum [Category: Costumes]
Share your Halloween experiences online at the Halloween Forum [Category: Costumes]
Halloween is a site from Minnesota offering a full selections of costumes.

Hammer Tap [Category: Auctions]
Hammer Tap is a research tool that can take the guess work out of selling items on online auctions.

Hand Washing for Life [Category: Health]
Site promotes proper handwashing and cleaning for health care facilities.

Hands-Only CPR [Category: Health]
This site has a short online demonstration of CPR along with an entertaining handwalker ad.

Hapari [Category: Active Wear]
Hapari is a designer of women's swimming wear.

Hapari [Category: Women s Apparel]
Hapari is a designer of women's swim wear. Designs include swim dresses, tankinis and modest bikinis.

Harry & David [Category: Gifts]
Harry and David, from Bend, Oregon, offers a selection of gourmet gifts based on seasonal fruits, chocolates, flowers and other treats.

Harry's [Category: Health and Beauty]
Harry's manufactures quality shaving products which they sell for less than the big brands.

Harvard Model United Nations [Category: Model U.N.]
Site has information on the annual Model UN Summit.

Harvest Partners [Category: Private Equity Firms]
Harvest Partners is a New York based private equity firm. [Category: Twitter]
Site has information on the definition and use of popular hashtags.

Haunted Denver [Category: Costumes]
Haunted House Reviews for the Denver Metro area.

Have You Been Here [Category: Tribes]
HaveYouBeenHere is a HIVE based social media app for travelers.

Hawthorn Suites [Category: Extended Stay]
Hawthorn Suites is a brand of extended stay suites in the Wyndham family of hotels.

Headphone Repair House [Category: Headphones]
Headphone Repair House will fix broken headphones for a flat fee that includes shipping. [Category: Health]
Guide to Diseases, Disorders, and Chronic Illness

Health Level Seven International [Category: Codex]
Health Level Seven International (HL7) is the global authority on standards for interoperability of health information technology with members in over 55 countries.

HealthMap [Category: Health]
This site uses GoogleMaps to display disease outbreaks.

Healthcare Blue Book [Category: Health]
Site provides estimates of common hospital procedures and medical tests.

Healthcare Whisperer. [Category: Health]
Healthcare Whisperers is a health care advocacy service.

Helmet Zoo [Category: Hats]
Helmet Zoo offers fanciful helmet covers.

Henry Ranch [Category: Programming]
Site offers tutorials for rural software engineers.

Henry The Hand [Category: Kids]
Henry the Hand is a champion handwasher. This fun site has information on how you too can master hand washing skills.

Herbal Allure - We Become Silent [Category: Codex]
Herbal Allure includes a Quick Time movie called "We Become Silent" aimed to defeat the passage of CAFTA. The movie is interesting in how it uses fear to create fear of Codex.

Here [Category: Maps]
Here offers a variety of online mapping products.

Herman Miller [Category: Office]
Established in 1905, Herman Miller is a Michigan based firm with a long history of creating innovative and ergonomic modern furniture for the office.

Hertz 24/7 [Category: Car Sharing]
Hertz 24/7 is a car share program by Hertz.

Hertz Rent-a-Car [Category: Rent a Car]
Hertz is a leading car rental agency with rental locations around the globe.

Heterodox Academy [Category: Education Policy]
Site advocates allowing multiple viewpoints in the university.

Hexatron [Category: Computer Games]
Hexatron features a line up of online games (many in Java). I am addicted to Rogue.

HiLine Coffee Company [Category: Coffee and Tea]
HiLine Coffee offers a Premium Alternative to Nespresso Capsules.

High Country Gardens [Category: Garden]
High Country Gardens, from Santa Fe, specializes in low water plants for high desert gardens.

Highland Store [Category: Costumes]
Wide range of kilts and kilt outfits available for sale or hire as well as hundreds of Scottish gifts, including wool blankets, cashmere scarves, tweed jackets and more.

Hillside Net Pattern's Page [Category: Design Patterns]
A page with numerous Pattern related links.

Hilton [Category: Lodging]
The Hilton family of hotels includes The Hilton Hotel, Hampton Inn, Conrad Hilton, DoubleTree and Waldorf Astoria.

Hire Flex Developers [Category: Web Design]
We offers advance Flex Design, Flex Programming & Flex Development Service.we offers Flex Application Development, Flex Web Development and rich internet application development.

HireLive Nationwide Sales Recruitment [Category: Job Fairs]
A traveling job fair for sales.

History of Philosophy without any gaps [Category: History]
This site provides a comprehensive look at philosophy from the ancient world to the modern.

Hive - yintercept [Category: Blogs]
SteemIt divided into two communities with a hard for in March 2020. I am interested in seeing how the sites diverge; so I will post on both platforms. This is my Hive account, which I will use to discuss programming.

Hive BG [Category: Tribes]
Hive BG has resources for Bulgarians using the HIVE blockchain. The tribe supplements posts with the coin HIVEBG.

Hive Blockchain Gaming [Category: Hive Games]
HIVE Blockchain gaming uses the BATTLE token.

Hive Blocks [Category: Hive] lets people navigate the blockchain (it is a copy of

Hive Builder Project & Token [Category: Tribes]
The Hive Builder Project has tools to help people build their HIVE account. They offer the HBT token.

Hive Creators [Category: Hive Developer]
Hive Creators is a platform for people interested in creating their projects on the HIVE blockchain.

Hive DRIP [Category: Hive]
Hive DRIP coin allows users to invest in GameFi.

Hive Dapps [Category: Hive]
Site has information about decentralized applications running on HIVE.

Hive Engine [Category: Hive]
Hive Engine allows users to trade HIVE based tokens and make smart contracts.

Hive Engine - BLURT [Category: Blurt]
You can buy BLURT on You send tokens between the exchanges by sending tokens to @blurtlink with the destination account in the memo. Memos that begin with # are encrypted.

Hive Gadgets [Category: Hive]
Site offers a variety of gadgets with interact with HIVE and HIVE Engine.

Hive IO [Category: Hive Developer]
Hive IO has developer resources for the HIVE blockchain.

The Hive Index [Category: Directories]
The Hive Index is a list of online communities.

Hive Invite [Category: Hive]
Hive Invite is a service that lets people send invitations to join Hive.

Hive Keychain [Category: Hive]
HIVE Keychain is a browser extension object used to authenticate transactions on HIVE.

Hive Ledger [Category: Hive]
HIVE ledger is an online wallet for HIVE.

Hive List dot Org [Category: Tribes]
Hive List is a tribe interested in HIVE commerce. The site uses the LIST token. Tribal tags include #hivelist, #hivecommerce, #forsale, #services, #gigs, #contests, #events,and #fundraising .

Hive Pizza [Category: Hive]
Hive Pizza offers an engagement reward for hive.

Hive Projects [Category: Hive]
Hive Projects is a guide to dApps, web sites and other projects that connect with the HIVE blockchain.

Hive Signer [Category: Hive]
Hive Signer (formerly SteemConnect) offers oauth and block chain services for Hive.

Hive Slot Games [Category: Hive Games]
Site offers casino style games that use HIVE. Be sure that gaming is legal in your area before you play.

Hive Supply [Category: Hive]
This collection of hive tools allows one to monitor upcoming HIVE rewards.

Hive Watchers [Category: Hive]
Hive Watchers scours the blockchain and reports on plagiarism, identity theft and other abusive behavior.

Hive testnet faucet [Category: Hive Developer]
This faucet gives tokens on the testnet. The tokens are used for testing and have no value.

Hive-Engine Explorer [Category: Hive]
This tool lets people examine the transactions on the Hive Engine blockchain. [Category: Hive Games]
Hive Roller is a dice game played on the HIVE platform. (NOTE: this service may not be legal in all jurisdictions. Know your local laws.)

Hive.Loans - v0.1.0 [Category: Hive]
Site offers financing with HIVE. [Category: Hive] is the primary access point for the new HIVE block chain.

HiveFest [Category: Hive]
HiveFest is a annual Hive related convention that takes place in December.

HiveHustlers [Category: Tribes]
HiveHustlers is an entrepreneurial community for the HIVE blockchain that uses the coin HUSTLER. Tribal tags include #hivehustlers, #hustler, and #hivecommerce .

HiveList [Category: Hive]
Hive List is a classified ad service on Hive. The community uses the LIST token.

HivePay [Category: Hive]
This App allows merchants to take tokens from the HIVE and STEEM blockchains for payments.

HiveSQL [Category: Hive Developer]
HiveSQL presents Hive Blockchain data on a Microsoft SQL database.

HiveVote [Category: Hive]
HiveVote helps people create curation trails and fanbases on Hive.

HiveWallet by RoelandP [Category: Hive]
Hive Wallet offers a fast, secure and open source wallet for the Hive blockchain.

HiveWhale [Category: Hive]
Hive Whale is a project in the Netherlands to promote ocean preservation.

Hivedex [Category: Hive]
HiveDex is a frontend for the HIVE/HBD market.

Hivesearcher [Category: Hive]
Hive Searcher is a search engine for the HIVE blockchain.

HobbyTron [Category: Hobbies]
Based in Santa Clarita, Ca, HobbyTron carries RC vehicles and Airsoft guns.

Hobo Nickel Society (OHNS) [Category: Coins]
A hobo nickel is a nickel modified by an artist. This is an art form that became popular with the introduction of the buffalo nickel.

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